Have a fun weekend at these bowling alleys in India

1. Pitstop Brewpub Bowling and More, Gurgaon

Known Formerly as Blue-O, this bustling space in Gurgaon has emerged as a popular go-to for locals whod like to give tenpin bowling a shot. Located in Sector 29, the area hosts several live music nights and has a pool table thats often crowded. Recommended here are the paneer tikka, fries, pizza, and cocktails. Arcade games, sky karting, and bowling are a must-try. The alley here has six lanes and has a lot of offers to make the experience more fun.

2. Yes Minister Bowling, Bar, and Kitchen, New Delhi

Situated in bustling Hauz Khas, this is one of the city’s most popular spots to go bowling. It has four lanes alley, chic space and the spot usually has a host of offers to give you enough rounds to hit that perfect strike. Unlike other bowling alleys, you don’t need to leave food and beverages outside, and you are allowed to bring your cocktails and beer to the lane.

3. The Game Palacio, Mumbai

It is India’s first boutique bowling experience, and The Game Palacio boasts transparent bowling lanes, the first of its kind in the world. Made with treated pinewood, complete with black and gold lining done in Hungary, the space matches the design of this fine-dining entertainment lounge and arcade. There are four league-friendly lanes.

4. Smaaash, Mumbai

Apart from the stunning rooftop go-karting track, the highlight is their bowling alley, featuring six state-of-the-art lanes. Each track is UV-lit, adding a highlight to its ambiance. It is an experience known as Twilight Bowling, which makes for stunning pictures. The unique addition is a first of its kind in India.

5. Amoeba Sports Bar, Mumbai

People rave about the neon-hued lighting of this bowling alley and the music thats played. The space does provide shoes, but you might want to grab your socks before heading here. Also, youd need to buy a rechargeable card to sign up for bowling. The food and drinks menu here is extensive as well.

6. Nicco Super Bowl, Kolkata

The space is equipped with four bowling lanes which are constructed using materials imported from the USA, and the interiors have been designed in Malaysia. There are also packages for each round, so you get the best bang for your buck. The food served here includes tandoori and Chinese fare, and parties are pretty standard.

7. The Game Palacio, Chandigarh

It is a popular attraction of a 26,000-acre space bowling alley, with four transparent lanes and decor that matches the spots ambiance. Theres comfortable lounge seating with lane-side butler service thats a first of its kind in the city. The musics always pumping, and it is recommended that you head here early on weekdays to beat the crowds.

8. Amoeba, Bengaluru

It has 12 lanes, each accommodating eight people. Above the alley is an arcade, and they offer a complimentary round of ice hockey when you sign up for bowling. Charges may vary as per the time of the day and week. Amoeba gets quite crowded over the weekends, so call ahead, head there early, or pick a weekend to test out your bowling skills.

9. Funtura, Bengaluru

Featured here is a carnival of attractions, including zip-lining, laser tag, bumper cars, VR rides, merry-go-rounds, trampolines, and more. The bowling alley here has six lanes and is quite spacious. As with most places, it gets pretty crowded here during the weekends. But, as they are a host of other activities on offer, theres plenty to do while waiting for your turn.

10. Go Bowling, Bengaluru

It is equipped with 12 lanes, four of which are for children. There are special lanes for people with special needs as well. Here they have balls that range from the standard three-six kilograms, and socks and shoes are given. It mostly doesn’t get too crowded, Since there are quite a few lanes.

Enjoy doing something fun with friends!!!