Best Online Slots Machine That Guarantees a Win

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If you are among the millions of people in the world today who have a lot of passion and love for playing real money slots, this article is going to be a game-changer. Everyone who plays such games must have an absolute mastery of the payout percentages of every kind of slot machine that is available. That’s why we want to help you in this guide to master these tips as we explore the best online machines ideal for you. We will dwell on facts about every machine including, house edge, online casino payout percentages, and RTP percentages. Additionally, we will also guide you on where to spot and take immense advantage of the loosest slots, finding out the best RTP slots, and a lot more.

What Is Slot Payout Percentage?

Perhaps we should start by explaining the meaning of slot payout percentage. First things first. This term dominates every online slot machine game. Well, in simple terms, the payout percentage is an average of all the money that will be returned to the player when they win the game in comparison to the total amount waged by the player.

Remember the keyword is average. So, there is no guarantee that the payout percentage determines the winnings you are going to make in a session. Even if you are playing a hundred sessions. But like any other online and physical gambling, the more spins you make, the better the chances of winning.

Best Online Payout Slot Machines Decoded

It is highly recommended that you read as many reviews as possible for each slot machine. Also, there are several ways online players can spot slot games with good payouts. Before you deposit your money in any game, thoroughly skim through their pay tables. Gambling can cause terrible frustrations if you go into it blindly.

Here are the ten best online slot machines

1.     Gladiator

Gladiator is hailed for its simplicity in terms of good rates of games and plenty of customer support options. It also has low wagering requirements and welcome bonuses for new players. You need to go through them. Gladiator offers slot titles with easy graphics. It features a progressive jackpot through a unique pairing of two slick bonuses.

2.     Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a widely reputed game created by huge gaming developers called IGT (International Gaming Technology). This software is available online for online players. They are also available as land-based for casinos. Cleopatra is an advancement of the land-based casino slot machine.

The minimum wage a player can place is one penny with maximums going up to about $10 per line. Normal betting ranges between $0.10 up to $ about $5. As a player, you have a chance to win up to 10,000 credits.

3.     Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the best slot machines with great potential winnings. So, if you love online gaming, it’s time you consider taking this chance. The appearance on the surface has a 5-reel game with 25 pay lines for players. That makes it special. It has paid out some of the biggest jackpots in history.

For long, Mega Moolah slots have maintained a great reputation as a favorite slot for players. It has a firm RTP with a lot of simplicity and fun. For everyone who hopes to land a huge and life-changing win, then Mega Moolah is the thing.

4.     GoldFish

Optimized for mobile devices and even PCs, goldfish is one of the best online slot machines with big wins. If you had been spinning the reels in a physical casino, the whole thing becomes a lot easier. The symbols used here, as the name suggests, are from different species of fish and aquatic organisms. If you had not tried this before, some of the dominant symbols include clownfish, angelfish, and goldfish. Turtles and hermit crab are the mid-values. Seaweed, fishing net, and coral are the lowest paying symbols.

There is also a reel in rewards and a free version for anyone wishing to pass time with the game. 0.01 is the minimum stake you can place here. The maximum limit stake is 3.00. you do not need to worry since betting scales are highly adjustable.

5.     Carnival Cash

Carnival Cash is a new but highly reputed online game. If you are looking for a cool and gentle game that will introduce you to the world of online gaming, this is the thing. It has a super spin feature that will keep boredom at bay. You also stand great chances of winning huge rewards and jackpots. The overall theme is also very impressive making it one of the finest online games.

6.     Buffalo

If there was ever a very genuine game among online slot games, the Buffalo slot machine is the thing. The free version of the buffalo game has an RTP of 94 %. So, you can play it to reach cash. It has an extra reel power which guarantees a greater win and more variations. It has an autoplay button and an impressive design and. All symbols here, as the name suggests, represent the wildlife. So, expect to get symbols of the puma, wolf, buffalo, eagle among others.

Variance in Online Slots Machines Games

Another key tip to note before you play these online games is the variance for each game. Let us break it down further into three major types:

  1. Low variance slot games. Such games have frequent wins. However, they usually have small amounts
  2. Medium variance slot games. Here, you expect to hit fair wins. The frequency is equally fair depending on the number of spins and games you play. It has a combination of both small and larger tokens and payouts.
  3. High variance slot games. With these slots, you may run dry but you win them, you take a huge winning.

Final Thoughts

Finally, go through plenty of reviews before you embark on playing these games. As a player, you should always check the kind of game you are playing and do your best to master the tips for every game. It also helps you to avoid scammers. All these games have potential payouts for winners. So, the more you play and spin, the better the chances of winning. This is no different from other gambling games.