Best Music Making Apps for iPhone and iPad 2021

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Today itís easier than ever to create music. You donít need to know how to play an instrument or how to read sheet music. With music-making apps, you can create an entire track on your iPhone or iPad – anywhere you want.

Itís worth mentioning, if you are serious about music production, a proper computer will give you a wider array of professional-grade applications and plugins. Make sure to read this review of the best computers for music production!

However, these music-making apps are great for both beginners who want to learn music production and experienced producers who want to crush creative block!

Letís dive right in!

Model D

This synthesizer app for iOS is one of the most highly rated. Though it is an app, it gives an authentic feel that emulates a physical synthesizer.

Additional Features:

  • Over 160 presets available
  • Bender time modulation effect
  • Four notes of polyphony
  • looping recorder with overdub (in real-time)
  • MIDI CC recording
  • Arpeggiator module

The Moog Model D synthesizer app has many advanced features that professional musicians use in their work. Its sound is authentic and smooth. Although its abilities are detailed and complex, this is a popular music-making app for all music levels, novice to professional.

Blocs Wave

The most remarkable thing about Blocs Wave isn’t just its ease of use. What’s even more impressive is that they give you new and free elements and content each week for you to use in your music.

Additional Features:

  • Looper studio with six included soundpacks
  • Ability to splice, equalize, and rearrange
  • Import and export options
  • Access to waveforms tweaking

Blocs Wave is a high-quality music-making app with a simplistic interface.  The effortless ability to utilize the available features makes it a hit with music-making beginners. This app provides professional-grade sounds with beginner-level effort and minimal stress so you can learn as you go.

IKaosillator (KORG)

What sets Ikaosillator apart from the rest is the unique interface that they use. Instead of solely tweaking different elements intricately, the screen recognizes the gestures and movements of your hands and fingers to adjust the sound.

Additional Features:

  • ability to add personal presets for future use
  • It can be connected with other apps to allow for DJing.
  • Audio loop importation
  • WIST capability
  • Vibrant visual effects that move with the sound

Some users report feeling limited in their use of the iKaosillator. This feeling results from its basic functions. When using this app, you are unable to do more detailed tasks as you can with others.


This app is a bit different from the others in that it works specifically with the guitar. With AmpKit, you can plug your instrument into your iPad and create different songs and sounds with the app.

Additional Features:

  • Access to your devices music library
  • It uses a waveform that displays both wet and dry levels in one view
  • Inclusion of over 150 presets
  • Works in conjunction with other guitar apps

AmpKit is guitar-focused and requires a separate device for connection. However, many famous musicians use this app while touring due to its high quality and compact size.

IMaschine 2

The iMaschine 2 app is top-rated among the beginner crowd. The company that produced the app totes it as giving you the ability to create music anywhere. This principle is based on the easy to maneuver controls and smart play keyboard.

Additional Features:

  • 3D Touch technology
  • Access to over 30 expansion packs
  • Quick action features for easy recording
  • Color coding for visual organization

iMaschine has made a process that can seem overwhelming quite simple. Its 3D Touch technology allows users to create sounds by long button compression. The app will enable users to explore music creation without expert knowledge.

Auria Pro

If you are looking for a highly detailed, sophisticated setup for producing your tunes, the Auria Pro is it. This app even impresses Grammy-winning producers and musicians with its professional-sounding quality and intricate details.

Additional Features:

  • MIDI sequencer with Piano Roll editor
  • Tempo and Time Signature editor 
  • Lyra streaming sampler
  • FabFilter Twin2
  • FabFilter One
  • Audio warping in real-time
  • 100 mm long-throw faders
  • PSP Master Strip
  • 64-bit Double-Precision summing engine

This app is a bit complex for beginners but allows for plenty of unique personalization as your skills build. The Auria Pro is as close to the real thing that you can find in an app.

Music Maker Jam

If you are looking to play around and make tunes on a hobby basis, an app like Music Maker Jam is a great fit. The app itself has a fun design and is not overly technical. Whereas other, more professional apps can be overwhelming, this one is straightforward and easy to use.

Additional Features:

  • Four different music styles
  • Tempo and harmony adjustment
  • Sound adjustment by manual turning of your device
  • 8 channel mixer
  • Multi-loop function

The Music Maker Jam app is a fun hobby piece to introduce the world of music production slowly.


One of the most significant components of music-making is one that often gets overlooked in the app world. That item is sheet music creation. Without sheet music, songs would be nothing. Flat has opened up that world with an app devoted explicitly to creating sheet music, both solo and in groups.

Additional Features:

  • User-friendly notation editor
  • The ability to collaborate in real-time with colleagues
  • Key, interval, and tone transposing
  • Choice of over 100 instruments

Flat works between different platforms to ensure the continuity of your work. Its quick notation input allows you to quickly record your ideas before forgetting.


The creators of the app IMPC 2 call it the “mobile musician’s dream” due to its ability to produce on the go with minimal effort. In considering the touring lifestyle of many musicians, this is likely a considerable benefit.

Additional Features:

  • Can record five different ways with different output components
  • Slice mode and Music Production Center
  • Timeline view and Audio Copy
  • Over 1,000 included built-in sounds
  • Audio integration between other apps

Although IMPC 2 is not the most detailed app on the market for music production, it allows for a sampling of the field and artistry for those starting.


As another beginner-level music app, Figure allows you to experiment with beat creation and produce something in just a few minutes. With more of a hobby focus, you can have fun while still learning a bit.

Additional Features:

  • Finger slide application
  • Four loop lengths
  • Swing and Pump components
  • XY-automation for different effects
  • Live audio streaming to other compatible apps

Like Music Maker Jam, this app allows you to experiment with music without having a lot of knowledge on the subject. You can see what it’s all about and not feel overwhelmed by all the different options.