7 Social Media Accounts Every Student Must Have

Social Media Accounts

There is no arguing that social media has become an integral aspect of our daily lives. They are not only about entertainment these days but also a place to expand your professional network and find new opportunities. 

That said, there are tons of social media platforms out there to entice you. If you are a student, you need to stay updated with the most relevant ones that deserve your attention. Here are our picks of the top social media sites that you should care about as a student. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook might not be the first social media platform preferred by the younger generation. In fact, an increasing number of students decide not to use Facebook and think it is best for only old adults. 

In terms of content, what Facebook offers might not be to your taste. Regardless, many companies still use this platform to connect to their potential employees and customers. Students will also be able to find useful services such as thesis paper writing by WritePaper and other sites to get free books in order to complete research or dissertation. In other words, Facebook still holds plenty of value. 

You need not stay active daily or engage with others on Facebook, but having an account will help you out tremendously. This is especially the case when Facebook requires you to sign in to the network to access some pages. 

  1. LinkedIn

With over 700 million global users, LinkedIn has emerged to be a force to reckon with. And it is undeniably one of the musthave tools for students who are looking to set up their professional profile. 

That said, most students make the mistake of registering on LinkedIn until they graduate and actually start looking for jobs. However, it would be an ideal platform to use to establish your network while in college. This will open more opportunities for you when you are looking for a job or an internship. 

On top of this, LinkedIn also has a dedicated learning platform and blog that can guide you on writing your job applications or how to approach a new contact in the business world. 

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media networks of today. Practically anybody and everybody are on the platform. And it is the ideal social network if students are looking to build a personal brand. 

Being a visual platform, you can easily engage with others by sharing photos or videos. And unlike Facebook, it does not take much effort to engage with others. All you need to do is like or comment, or share posts that you resonate with. 

If you are a student entrepreneur, then Instagram can be of much more use to you. You can set up your shop and use Instagram promotion strategies to attract more buyers. You will also be able to maintain a relationship with your followers and build a clientele. 

  1. YouTube

YouTube hails as the second most popular search engine of today. As you might know already, this social network is not only used for entertainment but also for tutorials or virtually anything. And students can also use this platform to gain access to visually-driven educational content. 

Now, YouTube is also a means for students to generate passive income. There are plenty of student vlogs that people watch, even those who are well past their college days. Moreover, being a YouTuber is a job that is gaining more momentum these days. And needless to say, YouTube can be a great resource for you to find materials for completing college assignments or handling other projects. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/9Z-2Ktg6CIM

  1. Twitter

Twitter is often considered a platform preferred by the younger population. However, things are changing. Like Facebook, the wider audience has started to notice the influence Twitter has. After all, even business decisions and announcements are being made on this platform. 

And for the very same reasons, Twitter should go into the social media account list of students. Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter can be viewed as a great way to set up new opportunities. Students can even follow the companies they want to join or their HR representatives to understand more about the organization. 

And if you are a student who is also a crypto enthusiast, Twitter is a space to watch out for upcoming project announcements and even NFT drops. While you might want to come up with some quick thoughts to post, you can also get away with merely sharing others’ content or joining professional chat rooms to establish your presence. 

  1. TikTok

TikTok started as a platform teens used to pass their time while doing silly lip sync videos. Today, this video-sharing app has millions of users across all age groups. With its catalog of music snippets, sound effects, and filters, TikTok has emerged as the number one platform for video creation.

Given this popularity, many brands have also started turning to TikTok for their promotion. Like on YouTube, content creators can also monetize their videos on TikTok, and this works as additional income for many. 

The platform offers several ways to monetize your account by becoming an advertiser, gaining access to the TikTok creator fund, or receiving tips. If you can entertain others, then you can climb to popularity fast. Moreover, as a student, you will also be able to do something creative outside academics and gain recognition for it.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the best social media website that you can use to find ideas and creative inspiration. Whether you are looking to decorate your dorm room, get outfit inspiration, or any kind of creative content, Pinterest can guide you with plenty of references. 

It has over 300 million users and follows a large image catalog. As with other social platforms we discussed here, student entrepreneurs can also use this platform for marketing their products, especially if your line is related to lifestyle, fashion, decorating, or DIY.

These social media platforms can be excellent tools to use for different aspects of your life. However, if you are spending hours and hours on these platforms, you might as well try to monetize your time by being a creator. The only thing is to be aware of how much time you spend on these networks and make sure that you are able to balance your studies and free time most efficiently!