60s Comedy Legend ‘Jerry Stiller’, Dies at 92

Jerry Stiller- the renowned actor and comedy legend, dies on Monday, May 11, 2020. Stiller died from natural cause leaving her memories and legacies.  He will be honored every December 23. The number of fans is so vast that they actually celebrate the fictional holiday on this day, proofing the significant impact of the 92-year person on today’s generation and entertainment industry.

The role in Seinfield as Frank Costanza was remarkable and had an effect on old comedy on the younger generation. Until the late ’60s, Stiller wasn’t cast as his signature character. After decades, he gets success with his wife Anne Meara as one half of the comedy duo, Stiller and Meara. He was beloved for ‘Seinfeld’ and famous for ‘Stiller and Meara.’ Stiller did a recurring part on ‘King of Queens’ and cameos in movies like ‘Zoolander’ with his son Ben.

Actor Ben Stiller

On Monday, his son Ben Stiller paid tribute on twitter posting, “I am told my father passed away from natural cause. He was the most dedicated husband to Anne and a wonderful dad and grandfather. We will miss you greatly. Love you, Dad”.

In the 1950s, the highest-rated show was Milton Berle. They used to call him ‘Mr. Television’. Robert Thompson, director of ‘Bleier Center for Television and popular culture’ at Syracuse University, told NBC News that Stiller was responsible for the highest ratings of this time and will always be remembered for his great work and variety of shows done by him. The episodes will run forever and because of ‘Seinfield’ guarantee his place in known culture history.

Jerry stiller film work and television work is beyond limits. He worked in many films like ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’ (Jim), ‘The Taking of Pelham One Two Three’ (Lt.Rico Patrone), ‘Airport 1975’ (Sam), ‘Nasty Habits’ (P.R. Priest), ‘The Pickle’ (Phil Hirsch), ‘Stag,’ ‘Secret of the Andes,’ ‘My 5Wives’, ‘The Lion King’ ‘Zoolander’ and many more.  Stiller also showed his talent in television shows like ‘studio in one Hollywood,’ ‘The big story,’ ‘The defenders’, ‘Brenner,’ ‘That’s life,’ ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ and ‘The Paul Lynde show’.

Stiller also wrote the foreword of the book Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us. It was written by Allen Salkin and released on October 26 2005. Book named ‘Married to Laughter,’ which featured Anne Meara, was published by Simon & Schuster.

Personal Life

On June 8, 1927, Jerry Stiller was born in Brooklyn, New York. It was hard to assume and indicate that son of a bus driver would eventually win the heart of lots of people by his national recognition in the comedy industry. Stiller completed his gradation in drama and speech from Syracuse University after serving the European theater in World War II in 1950 and concentrated on acting career.

Three years later, Stiller found Meara, who was a struggling actress looking for work met him. They both met in the office of a casting director, and at the same place, Stiller got his first big break of an acting career. They went to the cafeteria from there and grabbed a cup of coffee together. At that time, it was all he could afford for her.

Anne Meara & Jerry Stiller
Anne Meara & Jerry Stiller

Love & Work History

In 2012, Stiller recounted to MSNBC. The chemistry between short, Stiller, and tall Irish Catholic Meara first reflected on stage. They joined the troupe in the mid-50s of predecessors to Chicago’s Second City. Eventually they become popular in acts at night clubs and then finally on screen. On Ed Sullivan Show, Stiller and Meara became regular and according to IMDB appeared more than 30 times between 1963 and 1971. By the end of the 70s decade, they gained popularity in variety show format and hosted HBO’s “Sneak Preview” segments.  The segments were plugged upcoming shows and movies on cable channels. Stiller wouldn’t find much success until 1993 though he continued working.

Then he debuted for the show ‘Seinfield’ as Frank Constanza, father of the George Constanza (played by Ason Alexander), who was the show’s main character. At first, the acting was not impressing, but eventually, Stiller worked on it very hard and improvised. On the final day, he took it on himself after three years of rehearsals. He felt more restricted doing same thing for so long. The immense popularity of the role gave him the recurring part as Arthur Spooner on “King of Queens.”

His love interest was still the same ‘Meara.’ They worked together for a long time, and there run ended in 2015 when Anne died at the age of 82. They enjoyed 61 years of their happy marriage. Ben and Amy are the two children of Stiller, and he survived by them. Show business was started in their family and followed by all of them. Jerry Stiller had a long career on screen and stage. He created the most beautiful memories and history for his children, family, and a huge fan base.