3 Best Tips For Netflix Lovers

TV remote control, switches channels

Netflix is the most popular platform for people who enjoy watching movies and TV shows. This site has more fans than the most popular casino games. To make your Netflix experience better, follow these tips. 

Find Hidden Content Categories

Netflix allows you to search for content by various parameters: titles, actors, genres… Yet, if everything is more or less obvious with actors and specific titles, the genre categories and subcategories in the service are huge. Only science fiction and fantasy fall into ten different groups. And it is not always clear what exactly you need to enter in the search to find movies that interest you.

To solve the problem of navigation by genre, cinephiles compiled a list of service category codes. These codes are used in the URLs of pages that have a collection of movies in the relevant genres and subgenres. To open the desired selection, just type http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/#### into your browser and replace #### with the category code.

Select Mood Recommendations

Experienced Netflix users know that the video service allows you to create multiple profiles in one account, such as for relatives. This feature can also come in handy for singles who want to get the most out of the Netflix recommendation system.

The point is that the service learns about your interests from your viewing history, your likes, dislikes, and other interactions with the interface. If your hobbies are simple and predictable, it works well. But what if they depend on your mood, the weather, and the position of the stars in the sky?

For example, on a sunny evening, you choose a romantic comedy or an animal movie, but in the rain, you prefer horror or a psychological thriller. Netflix doesn’t know the context and gets confused. As a result, the recommendations don’t give you what you’d like to watch at the moment.

To explain your diverse interests to the system, you can use profiles. Start several of them and use them as playlists: “For watching together”, “For a work out”, “For sad mood” and so on.

Find a List of New Releases on Netflix

You’ve decided to rewatch your favorite movie with friends, and it’s no longer on Netflix. It’s a shame. The new season of your favorite TV series has long been out, and you don’t know. It’s also a shame. The platform, of course, reports on new releases and the fact that a particular show will soon leave the platform. But this information is organized inconveniently and it is easy to miss.

That’s why Netflix fans have created the What’s On Netflix website. Here all the news of the platform is conveniently organized, so you can find out in a couple of clicks what’s recently released, what’s expected in the near future, and what will soon be gone from the platform.