Why Brighterly.com Is the Best Math Website for Teachers and Students

Best Math Website

Brighterly is an online math tutoring website for kids. It was founded in 2021, and since then, over 15,000 students have completed math courses on this platform, with plenty of positive reviews from parents and students.

Within a short time, Brighterly has established itself as the leading website for online math tutoring for kids. Wondering how they did it? Read on to find out how and why Brighterly is the best math website for studying mathimatics.

Why Brighterly Is the best Math Website for Teachers

The following are the reasons why Brighterly is the best online math website for tutors:

1.   Flexible hours

One of the best things about teaching at Brighterly is that the tutors don’t have to work from 9 to 5. Brighterly offers flexible hours, which lets you choose when you’d like to work. This approach allows a tutor to create time for other things and have a decent work-life balance.

2.   Eliminate the Hard Work

In some math learning platforms, teachers have to negotiate fees and set their own rates. They also have to advertise their skills and hope their profiles are compelling enough to attract students. But with Brighterly, teachers don’t have to worry about marketing their skills or negotiating conditions. Brighterly handles the business part and lets you concentrate on helping students succeed in math.

3.   Improvement of Skills with Brighterly’s Mentors

Not all Brighterly’s teachers have teaching experience. This is why the platform has mentors who can help teachers sharpen their tutoring skills. The platform also provides its teachers with the best resources to learn math. This ensures that half of the work is already done, and teachers can concentrate on teaching students rather than spending hours looking for suitable assignments.

4.   Remote Work

Brighterly’s teachers don’t have to appear in a physical class. All lessons are taught online via zoom calls. This means teachers can handle lessons from the comfort of their homes or any other comfortable place.

5.   Helpful Onboarding Process

Before teachers are allowed to take classes, Brighterly provides onboarding. Thus, the tutors are trained and prepared for the upcoming work. So, if you’ve never handled an online class before and are worried about how you might perform, you can rest assured that Brighterly will provide you with adequate preparation before you start.

Why Brighterly Is the Best Math Website for Students


Below are 9 reasons why Brighterly is the best math website for students:

1.   A Platform Is Solely for Teaching Math

This is one of the top reasons Brighterly is the best math website. The platform doesn’t offer tutoring in other subjects. Thus, the tutors and educators can focus on providing the best math curriculum for kids.

2.   Interactive Learning

Brighterly provides interactive classes where tutors and students can communicate freely. Teachers are encouraged to maintain personal relationships with the students to create trust and make classes fun.

Brighterly’s educators understand that many children struggle with math because of the fear they associate with the subject. Having a healthy relationship with the child, the tutor can create a sense of calm which can go a long way to improve a child’s learning speed.

3.   Placement Test for Students

Before a child can start studying with Brighterly, they have to take placement tests to help educators assess their math skills. Brighterly understands that many kids struggle with math because of their poor background.

There are lots of children who are in higher classes but still have difficulties with the subject from primary school. Hence, the placement test is used to identify your child’s weaknesses and to determine the right curriculum for their level.

4.   Fun Teaching Methods

Kids learn faster when they’re having fun. This is why Brighterly incorporates fun teaching methods to help kids learn math faster. They introduce worksheets, educational games, and other activities that kids find exciting. The more engaging the classes are, the easier students can form a positive relationship with the subject.

5.   Free Lessons

Best math websites free lesson offers aren’t common. But Brighterly understands that some parents can be skeptical when signing up their child to a platform they’ve never used before. This is why they offer free lessons for students to give an idea of what to expect from the platform.

6.   Guaranteed Result in the First Month

While other platforms tell you that learning is a gradual process, Brighterly assures that there will be noticeable results in the first month. It’s a bold claim, and it speaks volumes of the platform’s trust in its curriculum and teaching methods.

7.   Talented Teachers

Brighterly understands that parents worry about exposing their kids to potentially dangerous strangers online. This is why they conduct a criminal background check on their teachers before hiring. Hence, parents can rest assured that their children are 100% safe learning on Brighterly.com.

Also, this platform only hires the best candidates. They train the tutors after hiring to ensure your kids are learning with the best professionals.

8.   Certificates upon Course Completion

Unlike other online math tutoring websites, Brighterly offers students course completion certificates. This document gives students a sense of pride and accomplishment which will further help to boost their confidence.

9.   Flexible Learning Hours

Brighterly’s classes are assigned to fit into your child’s schedule. This allows kids the freedom to learn math without abandoning other activities.

Also, parents are allowed to reschedule classes. So, if there’s an emergency or the original schedule no longer works for your child, Brighterly allows you to reschedule a session without hassle. This is why the platform is the best place to learn math for adults with busy schedules who want to be present when their kids take classes.

Final Thoughts

Brighterly is undoubtedly one of the best websites to learn math online. Within a short time, they have managed to create a platform that has helped many kids to become better at math. This platform has the best teachers, fun teaching methods, and courses that seasoned educators put together.

They also have personalized curriculums for every child to ensure individual weaknesses are addressed. A look at reviews from sites like Trustpilot confirms that many parents are impressed by the progress their children have made since they started taking classes on the platform. Meanwhile, reviews on Glassdoor also show that teachers at Brighterly enjoy working on the platform and are happy with the working conditions.