Top Mistakes That You Should Avoid During Your Schengen Visa Interview

Visa Interview

Are you planning to go to Germany or any of the Schengen areas? Do you think that you are all set to go? What about your visa documents and interview?  If you think that you would do it like a cake walk then you are wrong. The path is not too easy to follow unless you are all set to go.

Remember if you make any type of mistakes your visa can get rejected right away. You have to be careful about everything. It is not just about your Schengen visa appointment but also about the interview. Do not forget that behind all the rejected Schengen visa there stands a REAL REASON for it.

It is significant for you to be aware that there are things you must avoid during a visa interview. Not everybody is in the position to see the significance of getting to directly meet with diplomatic officials in a Schengen visa interview. Most of the visa candidates put away their effort and energy in gathering their documents of visa application. This way, they often fail to give the required significance to the visa interview.

What you can do?

Well, the situation is such! There is a good chance for you to have an influence on your visa application. Leaving a great and positive impression and presenting yourself rightly during the appointed Schengen visa interview is significant too. At the same time that make sure that you do not take your documents lightly. You have to be careful about both your interview and documents.

Always remember that the officials of the Consulate or Embassy of the Schengen country, where you apply for your visa to, will expect from you to showcase certain interview habits, qualities and performances that differentiate you from a failed candidate.

Being a visa applicant, so, needed from you to identify which are the main irritable elements that could ruin your visa interview. Only then you are going to be in a position to perform a successful visa interview by evading to get trapped in such weird situations as it is the visa disavowal.


Once you appoint the visa interview, the embassy or consulate is going to tell you the exact date and time of it. One of the bad opinions the embassy forms about you is improper and neglectful candidate, because the lateness on your appointment.  Instead, try to reach at the embassy or consulate where your interview is going to take place, at least a couple of minutes earlier.  This will assist you calm yourself down and relax when giving your answers to interview questions.

Inappropriate answers

If one thing that provokes visa officials not to take your application in a serious manner, is not having sufficient preparation for the interview. In case you are not in a position to predict what Schengen, visa interview questions are, you are not going to be able to give honest and well-thought-out answers for visa officials.  So, try to be good with your answers.


Thus, since you know about the mistakes that you might make in the interview and ruin your chances of getting the visa, make sure that you avoid them now.

Image credit: Visa Interview via Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock