Top 10 Business Schools In The World

Corporate Sector has a really strong hold of any nation’s economy. So the young aspiring students who want to be a manager, CEO or successful entrepreneur, need to have a good management education which only the best B-School can give you. Check out the list we have prepared a list of top 10 Business Schools in the world as per the Global MBA rankings.

1. Stanford Business School, US

Reigning this year’s ranking, The Stanford Business school jumps from 4th position in 2018. This B-School is most selective with more applications per spot.

Although it is the number one B-school, it is the Third expensive college in the list with two-year program tuition at US$ 141,180. The top B-Schools are getting closer to total equality in their programs. With the strength of 418 students and 40 percent women and 41 percent international students and 61 nationalities are represented.

2. Harvard Graduate School Of Business, US

Harvard is surprisingly the highest-ranked business schools in the world this year. But still, the Harvard-Stanford rivalry continues like always. Harvard is also the originator of MBA, running the first MBA course in 1908. It leads globally in Employability and holds a second position for entrepreneurship and alumni outsources.
Harvard has 928 students with 70 nationalities, 42 percent of students are women and 35 percent of students are international. The 24 months course has a tuition fee of 146,880 US$.

3. The Wharton School At University Of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1881. This school is part of the M7- an elite group of US MBA programs. Its one of the oldest business schools and is ranked second for employment, second for thought leadership and seventh for alumni outcomes and entrepreneurship. Wharton’s 21 month MBA program is the most expensive in our global top 10 list at US$ 157,896.

4. London Business School, UK

The London Business School is the first UK institution in the top 10 once again for this year’s ranking. It comes third for employability like last year, eighth for alumni outcomes and entrepreneurship and eight for thought leadership. It offers 21 month MBA program at US$ 92,718.

5. MIT Sloan School Of Management, US

Sloan is one of the most selective business schools in the world, with alumni including the seventh UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; Bill Ford, Chairman of the Ford Motor Company; and Cary Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. The global ranking of this school jumps from seventh last to fifth this year, ranking eighth for employability, 12th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and First again for the thought leadership.

It offers a 24 month MBA program for US$ 148,400.

6. INSEAD, Paris

Globally ranking sixth, INSEAD was the first institute to offer an MBA program in Europe. It still remains the best location to study this course. Looking closely at the criteria of INSEAD, it ranks 13th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, 11th for employability and seventh for thought leadership. It is the first School to offer a 10 month MBA program at US$ 100,909.

7. HEC, Paris

HEC Paris is a world-renowned institution calls itself as the most selective business school in the world and is the second French institute in the top 10 list. This famous institute among the most selective of the grandes écoles. It is in top 10 for employability at ninth rank and 11th for the thought process. It offers a 16 month MBA at US$ 74,481 and an average package at US$115,500.

8. University of Chicago Booth School of Business, US

This year, Booth School Of Business has made its way to the top 10 from 12th rank last year. The B-school is a part of universities and shares prestigious core values. It ranks sixth globally for employability and thought leadership and 14th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. Booth’s tuition fee for the 21-month MBA program is quite high at US$ 144,000. And average package at US$125,000.

8. IE Business School, Spain

In joint with Booth School Of Business, we have IE School of Business based in Spain. Making it the fourth European institution in the top 10. This school comes second for diversity and also for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. It ranks 15th for Employability, the 11 month MBA program costs US$86,734 with an expected average salary of US$91,842 this year.

10. Columbia Business School, US

Morningside Heights, Manhattan, NYC

It is the only Ivy League business school, based in New York. Columbia has a significant competitive edge on the other schools in the U.S. As New York is the financial capital hence, studying at Columbia offers you inimitable access in the city. This institution finally landed the top 10 list this year. Ranking 5th for Employability, 14th for the thought leadership and 15th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes in the world. Its 24 month MBA program costs US$148,000 and with an expected salary boost from US$75,404 to US$125,000.

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