This is how I finished my dissertation without stress!


A dissertation for me was as troublesome as it is for other students until I did it myself. It is without a doubt a challenging task but it’s not something impossible. If you keep thinking that you can’t do it, it will haunt you more.

You first need to calm yourself to put forward the best of your efforts. You can discuss your dissertation writing concerns with your professor. It will be beneficial for you in two different ways; first, you will get their perspectives, and secondly, it will overcome your fear.

Here I am going to give some tips about how you can put off your dissertation writing stress by sharing my own experience. But before going into the details about how I managed it without stress, you should know the reasons that make us panic when we are assigned a dissertation.

Why Is a Dissertation So Stressful?

If I talk about myself, so my stress was due to my elder sister’s experience whose dissertation got rejected, though she was a hard-working student. Since then, I have had a lot of fear of dissertation writing. But here we are discussing the general concerns that most students have and that adds to their stress. These factors include:

?    The dissertation is so lengthy

Dissertation is the lengthiest academic task students are ever assigned throughout their educational careers. Undergraduate students are supposed to produce 5000 – 10,000 words while master students write 15,000 to 20,000 words.  Dissertation is even harder than climbing a mountain because it requires 60,000 to 80,000 words. Obviously, meeting such a huge word count is almost maddening.

?    Selection of the Topic is So Confusing

Students usually find it difficult to come up with an achievable topic that is not too vast and not too narrow (thedissertationhelp, 2020). Further, the topic they find interesting doesn’t match their educational level. They also find it confusing which area of the subject they should address. This confusion leads them to stress.

?    It Requires Authentic Research

A dissertation requires credible research. Students usually go for online blogs and articles to collect data rather than collecting it from scholarly journals. In dissertation research, you need to follow authentic research methodologies, i.e. qualitative and quantitative research tools. Not all the students know these research methods and it stresses them out.

?    It Needs Complete Focus

Dissertation writing demands complete focus. Many students are unable to fulfill this requirement due to the distractions in the surrounding. Further, several students do jobs that divide their focus. In all these circumstances, thinking of a dissertation brings nothing to mind but stress which is too harmful for both mental and physical health (Alsulami et al., 2018).

?    Citation and Referencing bother a lot

Adding citations to the content is the most annoying step in my opinion. You have to note down each source side by side during research to give its reference. Further, you need to know the required referencing style to do it correctly. It is too tricky and too much time-taking. Hence, add to the students’ stress.

How I Managed to Do It without Stress?

When I was assigned the bachelor’s dissertation, the fear grabbed me as I have already failed it. But then I decided not to stress over it; I thought if I get stuck at any stage, I would take assistance from a professional dissertation writers UK based. After a sigh of relief, I tightened my belt and started working on it.

I First Made an Outline

I began with the outline. I made bullet pointers for all the important points I had in my mind related to my dissertation topic. Further, I briefly noted my plan like what I would actually explore in my research and how I would proceed with my dissertation. This outline helped me throughout my dissertation writing process.

I Set a Schedule

Many students themselves invite their stress by wasting their time and delaying their work. I didn’t make that mistake. I scheduled my work and divided my study hours according to the outline that I had made before. As I followed the timetable, I didn’t find it a burden at all.

Short Breaks Were My Energy Boosters

Working on the dissertation for long hours without taking breaks exhausts the brain very soon. I knew that, so I decided to take 20 minutes to break after every two hours of constant hard work. During this break, I used to listen to my favorite songs or take a nap. This is how I changed my mind and kept myself dedicated to my work.

I Celebrated Each Step

When you are successfully done with a part of your dissertation, you should celebrate it. Do it after completing each part because it motivates you to proceed. How I celebrated each step is whenever I completed a part of my dissertation I shouted with joy, ate candy, posted it on social media and these little things kept up my morale.

Taking Online Help for Editing and Proofreading Was a Good option

When I was done with all my work, I decided on taking buy dissertation UK Service for the final editing and proofreading. I hired professionals for this purpose. They keenly checked my dissertation and made several amendments and modifications to my draft to make it perfect by all means.


This is the shortest account of my dissertation writing experience. Hope it will help the other students in finishing their dissertations with a stress-free mind. Remember, you must learn to fight your fears otherwise they’ll never let you live and give your best.


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