Things to Look Out For When You Are Going For Interview

Job interview

A job interview is always a two-way interaction. After all, you determine if the organization will help explore your potential, while the interviewer decides if you’d be a good fit in their company. Observing there could-be workplace is crucial, for that is when you know whether you want to work here or not. Taking an office tour and even talking to your potential colleagues can provide first-hand insights into the work culture and prospects – especially in the blue-collar job segment. So, what should you look out for?

What does the office look like?

A grand reception lounge and director’s room combined with plain employees’ office could suggest that the emphasis is on impressing the visitors. Check the conference rooms, cafeterias and even washrooms if they encourage discussion, innovation and creativity. Colours can make a difference to your opinions as well – everybody loves a fun element at their workplace.

How were you welcomed upon arrival?

Did the receptionist know about your arrival, and were you received with a smile? Did they offer water, coffee or tea? A cheerful greeting says that the company cares for your comfort, and that’s the way it treats its team members.

What is the office layout like?

Some people want a personal cubicle while others like open workspaces. Look for this when you go for your office and see if you would be able to work with the layout.

How do the employees look?

Before getting to the team employees, notice the people who will greet you first each morning. The attitudes of the receptionist, security guard and blue-collar job staff are equally important. Do they acknowledge you and smile – this reflects the company culture as well.

How do the team members respond among themselves?

Nobody likes to work in a toxic environment and you shouldn’t either. Are the employees happy and supportive with their colleagues, or are they aloof? Do they acknowledge the receptionist, and do they reciprocate the greeting? A positive environment makes for a thriving work culture, where people would want to come, work and interact among themselves.

What’s the dress code like?

Different industries have different attire requirements, so see what suits you. Some people like corporate suits while others like the regular-tee-and-jeans combination, depending on the kind of work. Observe the general attire and decide if you’re comfortable in dressing like them every day.

What is the energy level like?

Do the company’s employees seem comfortable or do they look anxious about the boss walking by? Do they seem to be caught up with heaps of files and paper on their desk? If yes, the office could be understaffed. On the other hand, nobody working could indicate lackadaisical business growth.

What is the work environment like?

The workplace environment depends on the kind of industry, but many organizations offering blue-collar jobs work faster than others. If the employees are constantly running to get work done with constantly-ringing phones, ask yourself this question: would you be able to handle late hours, possible overtime and tight deadlines if the job demands so?

How does the supervisor interact with the employees?

Are the manager’s kind and friendly to their team members, or do they tyrannise them? This can be an indication of how oppressive or relaxed the environment is. Also, the way employees answer their phones can point towards the kind of work culture they see every day. Do they sound fun, happy or engaged or bored, stressed or even burnt-out?

Does the office work in an organised manner?

Good planning is crucial to a results-driven work environment, and it applies to blue-collar jobs as well. Does your interview begin on time? Though there could be genuine causes, consider it a warning point if the interviewer doesn’t apologise for their lateness. Also, are they as involved in the interview or are they constantly checking their phones? If yes, that shows poor organizational skills.

About Author: Digvijay Singh Kanwar is a professional content writer and digital marketing expert and he loves to write about finance and tech-based articles. You can contact him on digvijaykanwar96@gmail.com