The Best Apps for Students to make their life Easier in 2021

Apps for Students

As a student, youíre probably living life to the fullest. No parents around telling you what to do or what to eat. Let alone telling you to clean your room.

Lifeís a party, there are still party decorations (Dutch: feestversiering) and party items (Dutch: feestartikelen) laying around from your birthday party the other day. But you donít care.

With all these things going on, itís hard to stay on track sometimes. Thatís why we have three apps which we suggest you as a student should use. Want to know which they are? Letís find out.

  1. Chegg

Chegg is an online platform for online studying which is excellent for students.. With the app, you can create, study and share your own digital flashcards.

How convenient is that? Not only can you make flashcards yourself, but you can also make use of someone else’s flashcards. So if youíre new to the app, there is a big chance someone already was ahead of you. From the courses Medicine to Law and from Earth Science to Chemistry.

There are literally flashcards for every single subject. This app will also check your grammar and plagiarism. Besides the app, it also has a website where you can access all of your data and study materials in a heartbeat.†

  1. Wise-Drinking

Wise-Drinking is an app, as you shouldíve guessed by now, about drinking wisely. As a student, youíre drinking most days in the week. And when youíre in your student period, no student seems to care about the results of drinking a lot of alcohol.

All you want to have is fun. However itís time that students start to drink responsively. Thatís where this app came in, itís an app that helps you become aware of your drinking habits. You can track your drinking consumption during the day/night.

It has every single type of drink (wine, beer, spirits or others) so itís super user friendly. This app is not wanting you to quit drinking, it just wants you to be aware of your drinking volume. It also gives you tips on how to drink responsibly. So, if you download this app, your parents will be extremely proud of you.

  1. Any fitness app

During your student period, itís important to (try and) stay healthy. With alcohol consumption as mentioned above, eating unhealthy and not moving around, thatís kind of difficult.

Thatís why you should download a fitness app to encourage you to stay fit and healthy. A fun app to download is Zombies, Run! This is a great way to motivate yourself if you need to be chased by something in order to get running.

With this app, you can play your own music, but at some points a recorded audio of a zombie apocalypse will start playing, from which you must run otherwise you get infected. Itís great fun! Other apps to download are Nike+, Couch to 5K, 7 Minute Workout or Strava.†

These apps will help you fulfill your student period on different courses. Hope it helps!