Study in Poland – an interesting idea

Study in Poland

Choosing the right university can be a very difficult decision to make. You need to consider several things like selecting the proper course, reputable university, accommodation and what is the most important learn more about the perspectives after graduating from the particular university. The all important advantages when it comes to studying you will definitely find in Poland and this article will tell more about the possibilities of studying in this country.

1. Different options for different people

2. Why is it worth to select Poland?

Different options for different people

Poland is an open-minded country where you may find numerous possibilities when it comes to studying. There are reputable universities where you may get various degrees such as Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree. The students may attend universities, technical universities and medical universities as well. The universities are located in different cities of Poland where numerous foreign student come to gain the relevant knowledge on the given field. The majority of universities offer the studies in English and they are completely for free what is uncommon for many European countries.

Why is it worth to select Poland?

There are many reasons. They are following:

– studying in Poland does not cost anything.

– the universities hire only well-qualified and experienced lecturers who know their field very well not only from books.

– the possibility to study in English – as Poland becomes popular among foreign students, there are more and more universities that offer English-speaking classes and courses.

– the universities in Poland are considered to be reputable and awarded by experts from other countries. Moreover, the graduates do not have any problems in finding the dream jobs.

– the possibility to get to know people from other countries who have similar interests and targets in their lives.

– the possibility to get to know Poland – a beautiful country located in the Central Europe by the Baltic Sea.

– the cheap cost of accommodation and everyday life – Polish currency is rated much cheaper than EURO or American Dollar so Poland is often selected by students who would not have any chances to study in their home country due to financial reasons.

Studying in Poland has many advantages. It is worth to consider choosing Poland while thinking about your university future.

The article was prepared in cooperation with Think Poland – Study in Poland for foreigners.