Some of the common questions asked by international students regarding accommodation

international students

Students come from various countries and cultures to study in foreign countries in the search for better opportunities which can guide them to their success. As an international student, students have to face various kinds of difficulties and challenges to adapt to a foreign country in terms of culture and education.

Often, different countries have different education systems and these education systems expect different things from the student. Studying abroad is challenging because one must know the language of the country to a level where he/she can communicate fluently with the native speakers to understand them.

Another common problem is to find a place to live in. When a student moves to another country, he/she finds a studio or an apartment to rent.Student housing Sheffield,Australia, America, and other parts of London is what students look for. AmberStudent is the one who can help you with finding a place to live.

Amberstudent provides you with a huge number of options from which you can choose the best one for you. You can find Private Halls of Residence to suit your needs. They offer places for rental which can be found as per your needs.

You can find a place that is close to your campus as on-campus accommodation so that the traveling time can be reduced. There are many other factors that one has to look for before actually renting the place because these can affect the quality of your life in your new home. you should look for a place which has the most affordable rent. A place which is near to the market and has access to public transport is preferable for most students.

You should also lookout for the neighborhood. Places situated at the periphery of the city and alone and dont have other houses nearby. Amberstudent ensures that you find the right en-suite place by giving you a huge variety of apartments to choose from which can guide you to get the best one. One can also choose a shared apartment or shared en-suite to live with roommates

There are many other tasks that you need to do, once you have rented an apartment. International students often have some questions about the rental place because these things are completely new to them and often there is no one around them to help with these things. That is why, here are the answers common questions asked by international students:

  • Are basic amenities included in the rent? This is a very common question because everyone needs basic amenities like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, and other appliances like these. Usually, the availability of these appliances may vary with the apartments you choose because various apartments offer all these appliances already included in your rent while some apartments dont offer them. You can buy or rent these appliances from stores that can offer them at reasonable prices. Some of the buildings might have some of these appliances for common use for which you have to pay for every very low use.
  • Are the electricity and gas included in the rent? Most of the apartments do not provide an included rent which has these bills included. You might need to pay these bills as these are not usually included in the rent. The electricity and gas bills are different for every country and sometimes even the city. As in the USA, the electricity, gas, and heating expenses can add up to $100-$150. In the UK, these bills can be anywhere from Euro 120-170 for different cities. The heating, gas, and electricity expenses can add up to CA $80-$100. Along with these bills, the internet bills are also not included in the rent and can vary with the company of the internet and the country you are living in.
  • Will the apartment have furniture or not? Mostly, the apartments have their furniture however, some of them are not furnished. The ones with the furniture will be more expensive than the ones which dont come with furniture. That is why students often opt for unfurnished apartments. If you are opting for unfurnished apartments, then you can buy or rent furniture from online or offline stores that offer furniture at reasonable prices.
  • How can one prevent bed bugs and other pests? It is better to find a property that has gone through complete pest control even though it might include some extra charge. You can always ask the property manager if they have completed the pest control and if they havent, then you can invest some money in pest control to stay safe and free from bugs.
  • Should one rent a property with bad reviews? For this, you should look for the reason for bad reviews. If the reason is pests, then there is a solution to this problem and hence you should not worry about it because many good apartments can have bugs. Look for the problems that cannot be solved easily and then dont prefer that apartment.

Many students choose to rent dual occupancy studios which can be good for other purposes like your job or other works. These rental options can provide you with a huge variety of places from which you can select the one that is best for you.

Thestudent housing Sheffieldis getting more and more popular because many children are moving to London. Amberstudent also offers assistance in the documentation needed for renting the apartment. This can help you to focus more on your preparation for moving. You can find various other services at their website one of which is in finding a roommate. If you are worried about all the expenses, then sharing your apartment is the best option. You can share the rental expenses with the roommates.

 Amberstudent helps you to interact with people and find a roommate who is looking for a similar apartment as you. Having a roommate is better because you can find a good friend who can help you in hard times. if you are going to study abroad, then consulting with Amberstudents is the best option.