Should I do an internship?


Internships have a mixed reputation. Some believe they don’t pay enough, meaning that only a select few can afford to do them. This has introduced many debates surrounding diversity and inclusion, and whether internships are fair.

Because of this, many companies have started introducing schemes for those who might not otherwise be able to pick up an internship. Internships are generally becoming better paid – or you might be able to challenge the salary. This means that internships are becoming more popular and there are more opportunities available. If you’re wondering whether to do an internship, here are some of the perks.

An insight into the industry

The world of work is a scary and unknown place for a beginner. How do you get to a place where you can create your own business? Well, you’ll need to work on your marketing skills, for one thing – these guys offer digital strategies, so check them out if you are starting out in the world of business.

But, you’re probably not quite at that stage yet. First and foremost, an internship gives insight into the industry. You’ll get an idea of whether this could be a viable career option for you. While some people find that they love their internship and it fuels their excitement for the industry, others realise that perhaps this isn’t the place for them – and that’s perfectly OK. So, which industries offer internships?

Marketing is a popular place to pick up an internship as it’s an industry that welcomes new voices. You’ll find internships in other creative industries such as film and fashion, but they’re also popular in law and business. 


Doing an internship will give you relevant experience in the industry. This is a great thing to put on your resume and will put you in good stead for a job in the future. Most entry level roles require some level of experience, so employers will appreciate seeing an internship on your CV. It proves that you’re a hard-working individual and you already know the ropes. Alternatively, if you really impress your employer, they might offer you a full-time position within the company.

Developing skills

During your internship, you’ll pick up plenty of skills. Sure, you might be doing the basics like data entry and getting coffees, but you’ll be able to watch others at work and get a sense of how everything ticks. If you manage to impress your manager you might be able to ask for some varied work or to be shown other areas in the company. Just make sure you do your time and are enthusiastic about the menial work, first. You won’t impress an employer if you behave as though the work is beneath you.

Making contacts

Internships are great places to meet people and make professional connections. You’ll get a chance to get to know your colleagues and impress them. If someone thinks you’ve got what it takes they might refer you to a contact in another company for entry level jobs in Lexington Ky or write you an excellent recommendation.

You might also get the chance to go to some networking events and meet people there. The world of work is often about who you know, so make use of the chance to meet people and network wisely. You never know who could help you out in the future if you play your cards right.