SchoolCues Review

SchoolCues Review 2

The schools market is currently encountering an outburst. Thousands of establishments are turning to a mongrel or online environment due to the prevailing pandemic emergency. It is very logical to implement low-cost resolutions for modest schools to ease their school administration. The robust and easy-to-use modules analyse paperless school administration using the web, mobile, email, and text.

SchoolCues is one of the most convenient software applications to solve the purpose. The application is low-cost and is an all-in-one school management system designed to help small school administrators and staff. It simplifies the process of running a small school. The system can be used by various small schools, including Montessori, Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Islamic, Charter, Private, Independent, and Waldorf schools. The software includes different modules to help small schools remain organized and go paperless. The modules comprise admissions and enrollment, online payments, student information system, grade book, COVID-19 screening, donations, and alumni management.

Benefits as an Intelligent School Management Software

SchoolCues is a school administrative software solution with an integrated web and mobile interface. SchoolCues is excellent for institutions with limited resources, infrastructure, and budgets ought to streamline and sustain the parent audience in the mobile generation software. SchoolCues has initiated the process by recognising schools to practice pre-created applications from pre-defined lists. It can effortlessly refresh diverse sets of contact data, including:

  • Student information
  • Medical contact information
  • Family information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Parent information
  • Health conditions
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Student pick up
  • Credit card information
  • Picture/video release forms
  • Document proofs such as proof of residence and birth certificates
  • Parent handbook

Benefits as a School Payments Channel for Parents

School administrators regularly face the daily dilemma of interacting with parents concerning billing payments status. Diminutive unpaid fees build up, and parents are usually too occupied to see their son or daughter obligate them a fortune fee. Parents frequently feel specific costs can be overwhelming when confirming stacks of forms at the commencement of the semester or continuously transpiring to be reminded about dues or late fees. Executing school payments online with high-quality school payment software accommodates parents to organize better and match fee deadlines. SchoolCues school payment solution improves parental engagement. The SchoolCues straightforward interface assists to accomplish daily and monthly billing statements and tuition dues online. SchoolCues payments are associated with the student account, dispensing real-time balances and invoices and reducing parents’ need to call or visit school seeking data.

Benefits as School Billing and Payment Software

The intelligent payment resolution from SchoolCues arrives with valuable characteristics and advantages. It encourages schools process and manages cash more efficiently. Perks involve:-

  • Setting up several payment types
  • One-time & recurring payments
  • Tuition, Enrollment & Miscellaneous payments
  • Cash, Check, ACH & Credit card payments
  • Incorporate charge types and back end payments
  • Formulate account systems for book-keeping
  • Accomplish refunds, over & underpayments
  • Administer sibling & family discounts
  • Authorize payments/reminders at various levels
  • Blend with QuickBooks
  • Create payment statements and tax reports

Benefits as Student Enrollment Management System

School enrollment is a tedious, paper-intensive, time-consuming and laborious process. Registration has been simplified. Teachers and administrators no longer need to send parents dozens of emails and paper forms to complete the enrollment process. SchoolCues has Form Builder and Contract builder modules that create documents to send to parents electronically. With a fully automated admissions management system, parents receive electronic contracts, confirmations, and reminder emails to promptly complete their childs online enrollment forms, saving time, money, paper and improving parents relationship with the school.

SchoolCues has promoted teachers and parents’ lives by streamlining the enrollment process for parents and students with

  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Easy Set Up
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Mobile App for Parents
  • Schedule a Demo
  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Training Fee
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Support Fee
  • Unlimited Training

SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management system. It offers a simple and powerful paperless school payment solution with integrated Sign Ups and RSVPs, Parent Conference Scheduler, school communications and student information system. It allows schools to maintain student data and records and quickly produce complex reports in just a few moments.

Benefits as Electronic COVID-19 Screening App

It can be scary moving back to the institution during a continuing pandemic. Schools require to be extra vigilant with not granting sick students to stay on campus until all gets sounder. Even while implementing social distancing practices in classrooms, there are several means the virus can grow even if one person has it. The answer to this crisis is for establishments to obtain a daily report of each student’s health status. The school gets a suitable COVID-19 screening app by having SchoolCues that allows schools to generate summaries and flag students who have marked symptoms immediately. The school administrators and teachers help ease the burden by incorporating a better system of tracking potentially sick students. Parents will obtain the COVID form from the computer or any mobile gadget as the form will also be available on SchoolCues’ COVID-19 screening app for small schools. It provides versatility in obtaining the form so parents can fill it out everywhere, anytime!

It saves the parent time and the process is paperless while generating and tracking reports. The School system gets simplified, and schools need to reduce their operating costs and streamline the parents’ process to submit data electronically. Once they submit the form, the school officials will resolve if they should stay on campus or go home till they are more fit for a specified amount of time. The school will instruct the students on what to do next. It’s that simple!

SchoolCues makes life more manageable and straightforward for the parents and the school. This form saves time and keeps it paperless while generating and tracking reports. The school systems get simplified, operating costs get reduced, and parents’ process to submit information gets streamlined electronically.

Student Enrollment Management System Pricing: SchoolCues Pricing is one of the robust characteristics at an affordable rate for small schools on a budget.  All this comes at an attractive cost for schools on an account, beginning from merely $ 75.00 per month, and they are always offering a free trial.

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