Pro’s and con’s of opting for short-term courses

short-term courses

Are you planning to participate in a short term study programme? Then you must take into consideration the highs and lows of it, to make your study abroad experience a memorable one. Read this article to further decide if this type of programmeis what you need to add to your academic career.

Advantages of short term study programmes

  • Affordable

    One of the biggest advantages of short term courses is that they are budget-friendly. These programmes are inevitably cheaper, for which only a few months of savings are sufficient. Also, if you have chosen to pursue a course abroad, the cost of living will come down to a bare minimum.

  • Unique courses

    Students will get the chance to learn unique subjects and gain specialisation. From cultural courses to learning a new language, a short term course is a great idea for people who do not want to go through long term programmes. Short-term, courses are more interesting than it sounds and can make time seem to fly!

  • Less time-taking

    Short term courses may take less than just a few weeks. You can stay on track of gaining knowledge in spite of not having to follow a rigorous regime. Short term courses can be worked out in both ways ? you can utilise it to break free from the long hours of full-time study or fill up your semester breaks when you run out of things to do.

  • Gain abroad experience

    If you have not had the opportunity to venture overseas, then applying for short term courses can be your chance to experience abroad learning. Approach short term courses to get on to that first flight to a foreign country. Opting for a shorter programme is sure to build your confidence and independence, by preparing you for future adventures.

  • Get back to your original regime

    By joining a short term abroad programme, you can gain experience in another country while still being able to return for the school year. Students will miss out on nothing but instead add on to their learning experience for a solid future.

Disadvantages of short term study programmes

Short term study programme often gives students less time to acquaint to a foreign country’s culture and social life. Furthermore, if you are willing to do a language exchange, you may not have quality time to spend with the locals. Often, you may run out of days to explore the country you are in.

Get a better idea about short courses and which one suits you the best by sending in your enquirytoday! We are all ears about what you have to say.