Most Lucrative Tech Career in 2020

Tech Career

The technology industry is rapidly growing and itís the perfect time for you to know what tech-related career you should pursue. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, weíve seen a major shift in the digital landscape. Major companies were forced to have their staff work from home, and thereís been a massive need for online platforms and apps that measure productivity and those that help streamline company processes.

In the area of healthcare, many providers have been migrating their operations online through the use of healthcare apps. With the global healthcare market reaching a value of nearly $8,452 billion in 2018, itís expected that there will be an increasing demand for tech professionals in the coming years.

Here are some of the most lucrative software development career in 2020:

Data Engineer

Data engineers work in firms that deal with large quantities of data. They are tasked with cleaning, compiling, and presenting data for organizations for the decision making process. With the increased demand for data scientists, this is a lucrative job that pays a good sum of money.

Data engineers are also involved in information security analysis. At least every business entity uses digital information hence the need for protection of such essential information. Data engineers work on the front-end to offer protection for the information systems from cyber-attacks. They are also vital in protecting sensitive and user data of the company. Additionally, they ensure that information is safe and secure, and that firms use valid and reliable protective systems. To acquire a job in this field, you need to have a bachelorís degree in computer science.

Software Engineer

This is one of the most versatile jobs in the software development industry. Working as a software engineer implies that you are going to be actively involved in developing new apps for mobile devices, laptops, and computers. Every industry needs some software to run its operations. The implication, therefore, is that the demand for software engineers is increasing from time to time.

Pursuing a career in this field requires a bachelorís degree or masterís in computer science. However, having a degree does not guarantee you to get a job as most companies focus on practical experience in the development of applications. This means that you must be competent to develop software when seeking a job as a software developer.

Gaming Engineer

A game engineer is tasked with the designing of various software programs for computer and mobile games. Gaming engineers deal with designing games, networking for third-parties, developing gaming programs, and create game mechanics that coordinate the story of the story in the game. Becoming a game developer, you only need to have a bachelorís degree in a related field.

Game engineers need to be creative and possess analytical, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they should possess some familiarity with drawings, models, blueprints, and design techniques. Through this, they will be able to carry out operations efficiently, system evaluations, and use related software like environment development and program testing.

Computer Vision Engineer

As a computer vision engineer, you have to make sense of the images, including determining movements and distances of the images. This technology is essential in the defense, manufacturing, and medicine sectors.

Computer vision engineers use computer vision research based on large sums of data to solve real problems facing the world. The engineers spend much of their time researching and implementing machine learning algorithms and computer vision for their client firms. They work together with other personnel to implement novel embedded architectures. They have significant experience in systems like segmentation, machine learning, and image recognition.

For you to be a computer vision engineer, you will need to have a masterís degree in the field. You will also be required to have a vast experience in developing computer vision solutions, translating demonstrable technology, and deep machine learning.

Blockchain Engineer

Engineers in this field specialize in the creation and implementation of digital solutions for various organizations by using a unique type of technology. The technology used allows data to be distributed and shared publicly through the internet without being copied, and the information is not stored in a central location. Most Blockchain engineers work in technology consulting firms and data services firms. The engineers should possess the capability to analyze the technological needs of an organization and create applications aimed at meeting the identified needs. The job responsibilities for blockchain engineers include helping in the set of the organizationís infrastructure setup through the use of technology and developing and implementing various items in the organization, including assets and accelerators. Blockchain engineers also analyze code artifacts and offer training to junior staff.