Is it necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Primary school kids, wearing school uniforms and backpacks, running on a walkway

A lot of us have watched movies about school life and remember students wearing colorful skirts and jackets. It always shows the belonging to the “prestigious club” and the identification of a student as a member of a special elite group. A school uniform has become an essential attribute for children and teenagers.

The Peculiarities of a School Uniform in Private and Public Schools

A uniform of private schools is very diverse but often includes a blazer with a school logo. It is usually expensive and sold only in specialized stores and often custom-made. Girls go to school wearing jackets, skirts to the knees or slightly higher, school dresses (less often — trousers) that match. In warm seasons, sundresses are put on over blouses with short sleeves. An essential stylistic attribute of the outfit is knee socks: dark color for everyday life and white for special days at school. For boys, straight models of pants in black, beige or gray have been designed. Shirts and T-shirts should also be a certain shade. Bow ties are not worn, but neat small ties are welcomed.

Advantages of Wearing a School Uniform

The daily school style in clothes positively affects students’ responsibility for classes. They are not distracted by their appearance and do not chase their peers’ fashion. Wearing a school uniform, a student is focused on learning and its result. School uniforms are also financially profitable. The funds spent on a uniform will be lower than the costs for everyday clothes. A school uniform does not affect the balance in finance. Classmates stop arguing about fashion taste – and conflict situations are minimized. A school uniform does not give way to emancipation. A variety of and liberty in clothes choice will not encourage a student to learn. Instead, they give rise to competition between peers and dragging attention to their person.

Why Wearing a School Uniform Can Be a Disadvantage?

A school uniform does not allow students to express themselves, revealing their individuality. From a psychological point of view, this will suppress the child’s impulses to self-expression, and then completely make it blend in. A uniform may not fit and may cause inconvenience to wear. It will be hard to concentrate feeling discomfort.

To sum up, there are more pros than cons to wearing a school uniform. You can try and fill up the list of arguments against wearing uniforms, but it is unlikely that these arguments will be objective. All in all, a school uniform disciplines and instills respect for educational activities. Further, these qualities come in handy and will need to be shown in a work team where discipline and order are not less important.

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