How Uable is Enabling Teens to Think About Career At an Early Age

Career At an Early Age

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced” – John Keats

We know as a teenager you resonate with the above word. As long as you are in high school your life revolves around a limited syllabus and theoretical classes. What happens when high school ends? That’s when the reality check hits. Life is way up, and beyond what we learn from the books, life is ever-evolving and ever challenging. It’s all about going out there undertaking real-world tasks, and learning with practical experience. But how do you do that as a teenager? The answer to this is to get hooked on Uable!

What is Uable?

Uable is a unique Teenager Learning Network site where young, vibrant, enthusiastic teenagers around the world connect to explore interests, share stories, interact with industry experts to discover their true potential and passion that enables them to think about career choices at a very young age. Uable provides the perfect, unabashed, platform for young minds to discover what drives them, what excites them, what interests them.

How Uable Prepares The Teenagers and Polishes Their Skills

Our education system potentially lacks the practical exposure that teenagers need the most to hone their skills to be future-ready. Uable acts like the missing link, transforming and moving the education from the four walls of the school to the wide, limitless sky of the actual world.

Uable Connects You to The Industry Experts

Not only do you get to interact with like-minded teenagers, but you also get to be mentored by people who work for prestigious brands across the world. Now you may have a question, “which mentors do I interact with”? “How do I choose the experts?”, “I don’t even know which industry I am interested in to build my career?” We understand the dilemma, and hence Uable gives you a choice to pick multiple industries as interests.  All it takes is to download the teenage careers app and get started.

Uable Presents You with Real-World Challenges

Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s workforce, and it is no secret that the career in various industries will become even more dynamic than what it is now. So do you think a college or school education is enough to equip you with all the necessary skills?  We can see you violently shaking your head in disagreement. Teenagers apart from strong academic skills, need other life skills like leadership, problem-solving, team-building, thinking out of the box skills to survive and thrive in the competitive world.

We believe that the only way you can acquire these skills is by handling real-world tasks and Uable helps you exactly that! On the app you will see multiple challenges posted by multiple industry experts to solve and post. These challenges are fun, practical, and very engaging. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to identify which industry intrigues you the most and discover your true potential. How about getting rewarded for completing the challenges? Yes, Uable app rewards you with U-Coins that can be used to unlock exclusive experiences and exciting gifts!

Participate in Dialogue

Like to voice out your thoughts? The Uable provides you with the perfect platform to engage in productive, competitive, healthy debates and conversations with your fellow teenagers. Not just that, you can put forward your opinion on things that matter to you the most, ask a question or even help others with important information on a particular topic or subject.

Provides You The Perfect Launchpad to Be an Entrepreneur

A teenager’s mind is like a powerhouse, it’s busy, it’s creative, it’s smart. If you are someone who has a smart start-up idea in your back pocket but don’t know whom to approach to discuss and get funding? Then Uable is the right place for you. You will have mentoring sessions with the particular industry expert, you will be provided with the investment funding to help you set up your entity, you will be provided with the much needed exposure, brand promotion, PR and so much more so that your career as an entrepreneur is accelerated.

While teenage years are all about hanging out with friends, having fun, clicking selfies, it’s also about self-discovering, identifying passions, and being open to real-world experiences to make your life more enriched.