How to Create a Resume which Wins Interviews?

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A great resume lands interviews, a great interview lands the job. Here’s how to go from A to Z seamlessly. The most significant piece of advice from hiring managers and those who work in career services is often to perfect your resume. It’s excellent advice and generally accurate.

However, what happens when you’re doing everything right and your resume is impressive – yet you’re still not working? The truth is that a summary doesn’t get you a job; a resume gets you an interview. Good resumes will get interviews.

Today’s resumes aren’t identical as they were a decade ago. Today, a heavenly resume is a work of art, optimized with keywords, expertly crafted to get within the Applicant Tracking System filters, and specifically tailored and customized for each job you’re applying for.

It doesn’t sound effortless, but we’ve got you blanketed. It’s about learning the basics right, bypassing common pitfalls, comprehending optimization, and settling your best foot forward. You want to reach out to the hiring manager and convince the person that you’re the best to recruit.

Let’s check out some of the resume best practices that must be followed:


  • Format Wisely. Use a logical structure with wide margins, standard font and clearly defined headings. The proper use of space is essential. It communicates a strong message about your critical reasoning. Get the hiring manager’s job convenient by generating an easy-to-read resume.
  • List Accomplishments. Focus on your successes and problem-solving abilities—exercise specifics like percentages, dollars, and numbers to quantify your achievements.
  • Position Yourself for The Job You Desire. State skills and attributes in a way that makes it straightforward for prospective entrepreneurs to see you filling an open position. The first two statements on your resume should position you for the job you desire next.
  • Added Bonus: You can apply the same summary while in an interview.
  • Customize Resume for Each Position. Craft fundamental skills, experience, and knowledge in a way that will convince hiring managers you’re the best person for the job, keeping the job description in mind
  • Don’t Exaggerate. It’s never worth it, people. Recruiters have started background checks to weed out the fakers. Skills and experience win, honestly.
  • Don’t Lie About Your Degree. The future of a job is more about skills and expertise and less about the degree. Fibbing about your degree isn’t worth it.
  • Get Feedback. Get reviews on your resume to help objectively assess your work and experience.


  • Applicant Tracking Systems. Resume writing got more complicated and might get weeded out by an ATS if it’s not optimized. It’s critical to fine-tuning your copy and uses essential keywords to stand out among the competition.
  • Optimize It. Optimizing your resume sounds difficult but will help you create alluring copy that can’t be ignored.
  • Use Job Description Language. Select words and phrases in the job description to be used in your resume. Recruiters and ATS search industry terminology and professional vocabulary.
  • Detail Skills Section. Integrate keyword language. Add words like certifications, computer program proficiency by name (Python, Adobe Salesforce), strengths.
  • Spell Check. Use the spell check, examine your resume by reading aloud, and get someone else to proofread it.
  • Use Location as A Keyword. Recruiters and systems look for specific locations. Ensure to list where you live. Try writing the complete location. Use the postal code.
  • Write Acronyms. It’s best to play it safe, write out full names, and put the acronym in parentheses afterwards.
  • Skip White Text. Don’t web keywords by using white text to duck extra words. It is considered deceitful and may get you rejected.
  • Keep It Clean. Remove graphics, irrelevant job positions, special characters and fancy borders.
  • Don’t Force It. While optimizing, don’t force keywords in where they don’t make sense, grammatically or otherwise.
  • Optimize Linkedin Profile. Keywords play an essential role in your LinkedIn profile. Ensure your search ranks high for recruiters via various channels.
  • Use An Algorithm. For resumes, you plug in the resume and the job description, and the algorithm will optimize it to ensure you make it past the ATS filters.

Using these pointers, you can craft the ideal resume to land your dream job. Last but not least.

Hire A Resume Writer 

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The game’s name is putting your best foot forward with a resume that has strong content, is visually appealing and highly readable, and passes technical muster as it relates to algorithmic filters.

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