Five Signs That it’s Time for the Kid to Change Schools

Change Schools

Even if you chose a school for your child very carefully, studied feedback and “looked for moves” – it can happen that everything will change. How do you know it’s time to look for something more appropriate?

His interests have changed

Yes, children’s interests change frequently, but after 12-13 years they become more obvious. If a boy with a strong interest in physics and robotics is studying at a school with an in-depth study of the French language – he does not get the opportunity to get acquainted with the areas that are now in the first place for him (but he still may get help from college paper writing service). The zone of immediate development assumes: what the child has learned with the teacher today, tomorrow he will be able to do on his own, but if the interests are not supported – they will fade. The child has a clear propensity for some area – it means there will be a school where these propensities can develop.

He gets excellent marks and is bored

Your child is an excellent student. On the one hand, it is great (especially if you do not sit with him for lessons and generally withdrew from his studies). On the other hand, the light A’s and the understanding that he effortlessly is above the average level of training of the rest of the class, sooner or later will deprive the child of motivation – why bother if everything works out so well? Firstly, he gets bored – no difficulties and challenges, nothing to overcome, secondly – the reputation of an excellent student will soon earn against him – somewhere the mistake is not noticed, somewhere lazy to forgive. So if you see the shaft of fives – first, check if they correspond to real knowledge, and then look for a school where the overall level will be higher.

He’s been bullied

School bullying is actually a huge problem. If a child in the classroom is teased, and then it turns into a real bullying – can only help the teacher, school psychologist and school administration, and the reaction must follow immediately – then the situation can still be corrected. If the position of the school – do not interfere in children’s conflicts, formally chew the abusers or inform you, parents that everything happened because of your approach to raising your child – such a school is better to change.

He’s not friends with anyone

School is not only a lesson and a way to equip your child with knowledge, prepare for exams and teach how to solve olympiad problems. At school, he spends more than half a day – and he should be comfortable there, and most importantly, should be with whom to talk and feel community. Any buddies? Well, it means that there is an opportunity to feel like a member of the pack, to look for your place in this mini-society, and there is a chance that the friendship will grow into friendship. But if not only buddies in the class is not, but literally with no one for a day to spill the word, and the interests and hobbies of the whole class are directly opposite to all that pleases your child – it’s time to look for him another pack.