Essay Writing Scholarships for International Students


In the modern world, education is one of the most important things. Going to college may open an endless number of possibilities for young adults. It is necessary to grow both personally and professionally. Still, getting a proper education can be very pricey. Especially if you are looking into colleges and universities abroad, you should consider paying for your education by winning an essay writing scholarship for international students.  

In this article, professional writers from, which is an essay writing service online, want to share 5 essential tips on how to write a successful piece to get a scholarship. 

Structurize your paper

Any kind of essay is supposed to consist of three parts. Those are an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Each of these parts plays a specific role in your essay. An introduction is a section of your paper that presents a topic. It also gives a wide picture of it in order to catch the readerís attention. But most importantly, the introduction includes a thesis statement. It is a sentence or two that opens up the central idea of the essay, makes a claim, and offers a solution. 

The main body of the essay is a place for you to develop your arguments. However, it is not just about presenting the information on those arguments. Itís more about illustrating it from different angles using evidence from secondary sources.

The conclusion should be summarizing. Its function is to connect all the dots in the readerís mind. However, if you want to win an essay writing scholarship, simply summarizing wonít be enough. You will want to add something provocative in the conclusion like a question, warning, or consequences.  

Make your voice heard

In most cases, the purpose of essay writing is to address a particular issue. It can be done by informing, explaining, narrating, or persuading. Your essay is a perfect space for you to speak your mind and express your opinion on the issue. However, to win a scholarship, telling about what concerns you is simply not enough. You should show what place it takes along other social issues. To make your position stronger, you should support your arguments by using the opinions of influential people. Itís what can help you to give multiple perspectives on the issue and hence make it more clear where you stand. 

Use the right vocabulary

Words are the essential tools of every writer. Itís how we communicate our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions. Yet, someone might find it hard to convey the message of their essay to the readers. Such a problem can be fixed in several ways. One of them is to read more. Yes, itís very simple. By reading, we incorporate such important writing tools as proper grammar and punctuation, figurative language, and, of course, enrich our vocabulary. Another way to get your vocabulary straight is to practice using a dictionary. 

Make sure your essay is 100-percent unique

Plagiarism is the number one villain in the academic world. There is no way one can get an essay writing scholarship with a paper that is not authentic. For this reason, you should practice using a plagiarism checker when you are done with your essay. With the help of Internet search engines, itís easy to identify if some of the parts of your paper are not unique. Even if you wrote your paper from scratch, there is always a possibility that general phrases might be considered plagiarized. If this is a case for your scholarship essay, you should try to use such a tool as paraphrasing. Usually, it eliminates the problem of matching general phrases.

Get familiar with a scholarship application process

The experts from essay writing services recommend checking essay writing scholarship requirements first thing. Itís useful because it gives you an idea of what kind of essay they will expect from you. It will also let you know the size of the prize. There is a wide range of essay writing scholarships. You can win anything from $100 to a full-tuition coverage for a semester at the college of your interest. The important thing to remember for international students that winning a scholarship doesnít always guarantee you a visa approval. For this reason, you want to go study internationally, you should check the visa requirements of the country of your interest.  

We can talk a lot about what it takes to get an essay writing scholarship for an international student. However, we believe that a deeper understanding will come from experience. That is why if you have a chance to apply for a scholarship of such type, you shouldnít hesitate to do it. Even if you do not win the main prize, you will obtain lots of experience, which is priceless in the long run.