Dont Have a Degree? Here Are 6 Strategies to Become a Marketer

Become a Marketer

A marketing degree is totally worth it. Despite a global slump in job hiring rates due to the pandemic, marketing is expected to rebound as economies pick up post-pandemic  According to data quoted by Rasmussen University, specializing as a marketer will earn one a median salary of $65,810, sitting well above the national average of $41,950. This alone provides a strong incentive for one to pursue a marketing degree. However, theres much that a marketing degree has to offer, which well explore a little later in this article.

But what if you dont have a marketing degree, or have a different degree? What if you had a lightbulb moment, an epiphany, or an experience that suddenly made you realize you could become the greatest marketer in the world? Would you have a shot at the marketing profession? This article will tell you how you can.

Any successful marketer will probably attest to the fact that they were a marketer at heart first, even before they got into the profession. As a college student who loves marketing but is currently pursuing a different course, you can still find time to be a marketer. How do you create the time to learn about different concepts in marketing such as SEO, copywriting, even blogging? You do so by hiring an expert paper writer to work on your assignments.

First, Why A Marketing Degree?

Getting a degree is quite a personal choice, as a college education is a significant investment. A degree always has its perks, and marketing is no different. Besides the manuscript that is the diploma and higher job prospects, college is shaped by personal experiences that mold us, a sense of community, and the ability to explore different areas of interest to us. One also learns show to be methodical, analytical, work with numbers and solve complex problems. A marketing degree presents these and many more benefits.

However, experience which is an important part of being a marketer is a crucial thing that is attainable without a degree. A degree is great in the sense that you can translate theory to practice. But all that theory is worth little if it is only understood on paper.

6 Strategies to Transition into Marketing as A Career

Due to the advancement of technology, a career in marketing without a degree is more possible than ever. Digital marketing, in particular, has provided new leverage for marketers, even those without a degree. With a marketing degree, it is easier to get an entry-level position in marketing than without a degree. Without the degree, passion has to be the forerunner.

1. Do As Much Research About the Specific Role You Want

Marketing is a dynamic field with all kinds of niches for example content creator, marketing researcher, analyst, event marketing, SEO specialist, etc. Therefore you need to know what niche interests you and potential companies that you would like to work with.

2. Educate Yourself

You might not find every piece of theory in marketing books necessary in the real world. use resources such as Coursera, HubSpot, Lynda, and Udemy. There are podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and a galaxy of online material and digital resources for marketers available at little or no cost. Keep on top of trends and news and familiarize yourself with marketing rules and best practices as these form the fodder of conversations during interviews and network events.

3. Start Building Your Marketing Portfolio

Depending on your chosen niche, you might want to start building a marketing portfolio. Traditionally, a portfolio is a folio composed of, say, images and graphics of things that you have designed as part of your work. In the case of marketing, say social media marketing, graphics might not be necessary. However, there still needs to be a representation or profile of your work. This can be similar to an annotated bibliography that links to your work which may exist on your social media page, website or blog.

4. Leverage Talents That Could Come in Handy in Marketing

It might be your voice, your writing, or the unique possibility of working with a special talent such as art. Showcase this talent, say by recording and editing voice pitches, or creating unique graphics that speak about who you are and your brand.

5. Build An Online Presence and Personal Brand

Marketing is all about branding and branding starts with you. Build a following and create an online community that can root for your work.

6. Network And Look for Internships

Marketing is a flexible field with lesser barriers to entry than other fields. Look for internships in marketing especially roles that require little to no experience. With a social media presence, you can start networking with other marketers on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Become A Marketing Professional Without a Degree in Marketing

Industry professionals will attest to the fact that a role in marketing does not require a degree. With passion, a little bit of experimentation, and a clear mission statement, you too can become a marketer.