Common mistakes university students make when producing academic papers

Going to university is not cheap. Across the world, the cost of course fees is rising. As is the cost of living. So, it is not uncommon for students to leave university with debts that run into thousands. This is not an ideal situation, but it is the way things are. So, securing high scores and attaining the best degree possible is essential. If you do not achieve that goal you can end up burdened with debt and be unable to find a well enough paid job to clear it. 

For most degrees, a significant percentage of the final mark relates to coursework, dissertations, and thesis. Securing the highest possible marks for them significantly improves your chances of getting a good degree. So, today, we are going to take a look at how to achieve that.

Build trust with the person who will mark your papers

You need to convince the person marking your work that what you are saying is valid. They need to be able to trust your arguments. Once they feel they can do that, your chances of securing a high mark will soar. Using an apa citation tool to highlight your sources is essential. 

Make sure that the sources you use are trusted and dig beyond the headline to verify things. Be especially careful to do this if your sources are news outlets or blogs. It is not uncommon for people to bend the truth to suit their narrative. So, always go to the source and look at the actual data. Ask yourself how trustworthy the organization that carried out the study is. If in doubt, seek out and use a different data set.

Doing this makes your arguments far more believable. It also helps to ensure that the person marking your work will fill comfortable giving you the highest possible mark.

Follow the guidelines provided

An awful lot of students make the mistake of not reading the guidelines properly. This can make a huge difference to their overall mark. 

For example, if you do not post your citations in the format stipulated it is possible your work will be marked down. Little things like leaving spelling mistakes in or overusing filler phrases can also have a negative impact. 

Making simple errors like the ones highlighted in this video can really grate on the person marking your paper. So be aware of them and take the time to find and fix them before handing your work in.

Dont drift off subject

It is not also uncommon for students to inadvertently end up writing a paper on the wrong subject. This sounds almost unbelievable but, it happens more than you think. Many start out OK but end up drifting gradually. It is all too easy to get sidetracked while making an argument and end up writing too much about what is actually only a small and partially relevant fact.

More common dissertation pitfalls and how to avoid them

The above covers the most common mistakes academic students make and how to avoid them. But, there are more, which you can read about here.