Can students go back to university accommodation?

university accommodation

The past year has been an incredibly difficult and mentally exhausting time for university students. The pandemic has affected students at every level possible, from undergraduate to post-graduate, and local to international students!

From grocery runs and study resources to student storage collection and delivery, everything has become complicated.

The pandemic has greatly influenced students’ experiences as to where they can live and what they can do. Choices such as accommodation, study resources, and student storage collections and delivery have been out of their control.

Whether you were living in your university halls or renting out private accommodation previously, the issue of student accommodation has become a source of concern and anxiety.

And the uncertainty surrounding the whole issue makes it even worse! Will you have in-person classes on the campus? Will you still have to pay the rent at university? Will you have to bother yourself with student storage collection and delivery?

None of us know what lies ahead but one thing is clear: the Coronavirus is here to stay for a long time. So, might as well get used to the new ‘normal’!

  • Should you go back to university accommodation?

The UK has seen a series of national lockdowns in response to the coronavirus situation. Throughout the country, many strict restrictions are still in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The rules required students to stay home and study using online resources. With the borders closed and travel corridors shut, it became especially difficult for international students.

So, if you’re thinking of returning back to the campus, you might need to familiarize yourself with a few guidelines first.

If you are a student currently enrolled in a UK university, the government’s rules will significantly impact when and how you can return to your accommodation, especially if you are an international student or live in the university accommodation halls.

It has been announced that only some degrees which involve training for future key workers, such as medicine, dentistry, and policing, will be delivered using in-person classes.

Alternatively, if you have a valid reason – such as the inability to access the internet, alternative accommodation, or the need to return for health reasons – then only are you  eligible to return to the university hostels.

If you fall in any of the above categories and plan on returning to the university, precautions must be taken and rules followed to make the process as safe as possible.

However, it is essential you consider all your circumstances before you book a flight back. Will you get the same services with your university accommodation as before? Will you have to go out frequently? Will the student storage collection and delivery be done for you?

  • Can you afford the university accommodation?

The pandemic has been rough on many. It has been found that 25% of students have lost some form of income due to COVID-19!

London has the highest student rent in the whole of UK. So if you’re one of those who’ve suffered financially and want to cut down on costs, it might be worthwhile to look for accommodation in cheaper nearby areas, for example in Brighton or Bristol.

With access to cheap storage companies such as the Brighton storage company, you won’t have to worry about student storage collection, delivery, or costs again!

Many universities recognise the hardships faced by their students in these unprecedented times. They have increased their funding budgets and made accommodation policies as fair as possible.

The Universities Minister UK has announced a total of £70 million budget for the increased financial support of struggling students!

This funding means that universities will be able to help out students, especially those suffering from loss of employment and have to face the additional costs of travel, online teaching resources, alternative accommodation, or student storage collection and delivery.

  • Should you get a rent refund for your accommodation?   

If you are still struggling to cover the costs, it might be helpful to request a rent refund for your university accommodation.

Many universities, such as the University of Bristol and the University of Manchester, have re-evaluated their accommodation policies and offered rent rebates along with financial compensations. If your university is offering financial help, then be sure to avail it!

Depending on circumstances and terms of the contract, there is a high possibility you’ll be able to receive a refund for your accommodation if you won’t be using it.

In case you receive a refund, but you decide to not come back to university (either because of government policies or personal reasons), you will need a place to store your stuff. Using storage companies, such as the Brighton storage company, will be your best solution!

  • How should you prepare for going back?

Once you’ve received permission to attend physical classes and found appropriate accommodation, you need to start preparing and get organised for the duration of time you will be staying in the UK.

Whether you’re staying for a couple of weeks or the entire year, you’ll be needing student storage collection and delivery options to keep you set and organized amidst the chaos!

Find a cheap and convenient storage company nearby, such as the London or Brighton Storage Company, which can offer you secure units for student storage collection and delivery.

Get tested for COVID-19 and also get vaccinated before you arrive, although this might be a requirement for many universities.

While you’re there, minimize contact with other people, maintain social distancing, and avoid going out. Use apps like Just Eat UK for online delivery of groceries and rent a storage unit from a good Brighton storage company which provides student storage collection and delivery.

If you’re still unsure and confused about anything – from your university’s residence to student storage collection and delivery – don’t hesitate to get in touch with your university help desk!

Many universities have affiliated programs with student storage companies, such as the Brighton storage company, which can prove very useful for your future endeavours!

Going back to university accommodation might sound like an overwhelming and hectic process, but if there’s one thing we’ve all learnt this year, it’s that life doesn’t stop, even if you’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!