Best online degree courses offered in Germany

Student watching programming online course

Are you eager to earn a graduate degree abroad but think you don’t have the time? Don’t worry, as most German universities now offer the option to obtain your educational qualification online. The programmes are structured to give you the space to create a schedule that works around your personal or professional life. Read the article to get a detailed understanding of online learning in Germany and the variety of options that it has to offer to international candidates.

  • MSc Corporate Financial Management

    This programme is appropriate for candidates who aspire to pursue a career in the world of finance including corporate finance, banking, personal finance and accountancy. Students will also be provided with hands-on training to obtain practical skills, as part of formal education. If you are particularly interested in excelling in the modern business world.

  • MSc Global Accounting

    This postgraduate degree programme is designed for students who want to enhance their knowledge of accounting in a global context. It has a strong focus on employability that pushes students to become an effective and competent business accounting professional. Additionally, you will get the chance to undertake entrepreneurial activities by undergoing training with professional bodies and potential employers.

  • MSc International Marketing

    Through this programme, students will get to discover expert concepts relevant to marketing management. They will also learn to develop strategic marketing communications and plans at an international level. In order to understand the differing needs of consumers worldwide, you will be exploring consumer behaviour, and external environments, by employing ground-breaking market research.

  • MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management

    The course is designed in accordance with the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). You will be taught about the fundamentals required to thrive in the dynamic world of business. It is ideal for students looking to land a job in strategic human resource management in a multinational company.

  • MSc Strategic Business Management

    The course curriculum touches upon the fundamental elements pertaining to performance management and business strategy. You will hone the skills to manage organisations on a global scale. Complete this programme will make you eligible positions such as consultants, managers, analysts, or entrepreneurs.

  • University Pathway Programmes (UPP)

    You will learn German and acquire the necessary skills to study a degree programme in Germany. Learning in a German-speaking environment helps students to apply for courses at German state universities, as well as gain direct university access to public foundation courses.

  • General German

    This prepares you to qualify for the General German Test (DaF) course. You can develop German language skills by focusing on a particular area to enhance specific language skills or in all areas. This leads to further strengthen your employability following graduation by expanding your horizons.

The classes are offered with group sizes to ensure that individual students receive specialised attention. Every candidate is encouraged to reach their full potential whilst studying with us. If you are interested to take a deep dive in any of the above-mentioned programmes, send in your applications today!