Best MPA Programs

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Professionals with a degree in Public Administration are trained with skills adapting to socio-economic as well as political developments. Because of their proficiency in these particular areas, these degree holders are often affiliated with policy-making bodies like the government and those non-profit and non-government organizations that are responsible for public welfare.

Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs are designed to provide more comprehensive knowledge and expertise necessary for public governance and management professions. With an MPA degree, you will be able to enhance your skills when it comes to leadership. Also, MPA degree programs prepare professionals with in-depth information applicable to careers in the government and the academe.

Eligible applicants for MPA programs are professionals with years worth of experience in public service. Because socio-economic and political policies are continually changing, it is highly-suggested for public officials to earn their master’s degree in Public Administration. This program is also flexible as it simultaneously adapts to the current trends concerning the public sector.

Choosing where to apply for an MPA degree can be challenging as professionals prefer renowned institutions offering this program. Plus, the requirements are also challenging to meet since the program itself is a demanding one.

Each institution has its specific requirements for MPA program applicants. When you look into Master of Public Administration 2020 online, there are a lot of universities where you can obtain the program. Here are some of the schools you might want to look into.

Harvard University – Kennedy School

This private institution is renowned for its world’s largest academic library. Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) commits to providing revolutionizing education with regards to the sciences and liberal arts.

Harvard Kennedy School has its curriculum in the MPA program encompassing 64 units of courses focused on leadership management, economics, political institutions, and ethics.

To apply to this university, you got to have your bachelor’s degree completed. Best if it is a degree in Public Administration. Also, you need to have a minimum of three years of full-time professional practice.

Aside from these, there are requisites such as outstanding test scores either in the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). The score is acceptable only when the exam was taken at most four years before application.

Like any other graduate school, HKS requires you to submit an updated resume with at least two essays. Together with the other documents, you should also enclose your Academic transcripts and three recommendation letters.

You can apply to their MPA program online, and it would entail an application fee worth $100.

University of Pennsylvania

This Ivy League university situated in Philadelphia is also a sought-after institution when it comes to pursuing an MPA program. A full-time MPA degree program is available at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). With this, you can complete it in a single year.

Similar to HKS, you are required to submit standardized test scores may either be GRE or LSAT. While HKS requires three recommendation letters, UPenn requires two recommendation letters wherein one is coming from a classroom instructor.

General requirements include an updated curriculum vitae, a copy of your academic transcript, and a personal essay. You may apply online. Also, you have to pay the fee that is worth $75. Afterwhich, a personal interview is necessary.

Columbia University

This institution is another Ivy League university that is situated in New York. Columbia University is well-known for being one of the productive research centers in the world. Columbia University offers MPA degrees wherein you can select a specific area of policy concentration and field of specialization.

Their MPA program has a requirement of at least a year of experience as an intern. The curriculum comprises of 54-units with core subjects in areas covering economics, quantitative analysis, policy generating concepts, and quantitative analysis.

You can apply to the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs online and pay for $95 for the processing of your application. You will be required to submit the following: A written and a recorded video essay, an updated curriculum vitae, two recommendation letters, academic transcripts, and a language and a quantitative resume. Also, test scores in GRE or GMAT are necessary.

More universities commonly belong to the Ivy League and some private schools that offer the best MPA programs. These include Cornell University, Northwestern University, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, Villanova University, George Washington University, and the University of North Carolina.

Each institution varies with the curriculum set for their offered MPA program. Generally, the top schools offering MPA programs are committed to providing profound knowledge relevant to government careers. These are on policymaking, economic trend concepts, public ethics, and other areas concerning public welfare.

Usually, MPA programs are offered for professionals. That is why it takes them 3-5 years to complete earning the credits necessary. But some universities like UPenn offers a full-time MPA program that would only take a year to complete.

To learn more information on the best MPA programs, check for the universities’ curriculum and requirements mentioned. Since the application is made easier these days, you can figure it all out in your homes’ comfort. It is good to know your financial capability as well as the means to meet all the requirements and expectations before deciding which of the university are you going to pursue an MPA degree.