Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Computer Application

Studying Bachelor of Computer Application

With the rapid expansion of the IT sector on a global scale, multiple job opportunities crop up everyday with the evolution of the IT sector. Computer science degrees serve as some of the fastest tickets towards a global career in the IT sector. Taking up a Bachelor of Computer Application degree will be of immense help in this regard as it entails multiple variations which are of sound importance in the IT industry.

Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Computer Application

Some of the key advantages of taking up BCA as a career have been explained below.

1. A Multi-Faceted Career

There is an ever growing demand for qualified computer engineers and pursuing a BCA degree can make students capable enough for a multifaceted career in the industry. If one takes up a  BCA course,  they are likely to be employed in these sectors: healthcare, IT, finance, trading, transportation, software, and education. So if one wishes to take up a degree that has diverse opportunities in store then a BCA seems to be a correct avenue for them.

2. Flourishing Career opportunities

Computer engineers are some of the highest paid professionals in the current times. After completing a BCA degree, one can be among the top most highly paid freshers in the industry. The average annual salary package for a computer application engineer is approximately Rs. 5 LPA. So if one wishes to kick start their career with a lucrative base salary then BCA is the course that they need to pursue.

3. Global Career alternatives

As mentioned previously, there are varied jobs in various industries open to computer engineers and so it goes without saying that having a BCA course degree is likely to result in various global career opportunities. Once one has completed this programme, they can also opt for a Master of Computer Application degree to have better career opportunities on a global platform.

4. Multiple Specializations Available

Many colleges situated across India offer multiple specializations to students pursuing a degree in  computer application or computer engineering. One can pursue Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Cloud Technology, Information Security and Full Stack Development if they decide to apply for a computer engineering degree. These are all highly innovative career paths with many job opportunities on a global scale.

5. Suitable Course Curriculum:

These programmes are meticulously designed by industry experts, and renowned academicians that equip students with fundamental concepts of Computer Science and programming languages like Python, JavaScript, R, Java, etc.

6. Affordable Education cost:

While a lot of undergraduate degrees are quite expensive to pursue, a BCA degree is one of the more pocket-friendly options one can opt for. If one wishes to make a career in computer engineering without spending a huge amount, then a BCA degree is the best suitable option for them. The average annual fee for a BCA degree is INR 45,000/-, which is quite affordable when compared to other computer science and engineering degrees.

7. Employment-Oriented Programme:

Compared to B. Tech Computer Science & Engineering, B.E Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Science; BCA is not only affordable but also employment-friendly.The BCA programme lays importance on the development of computer applications including web development, software development, game development, android and iOS application development. Such skills are highly valued in today’s technology driven times that enable candidates to get decent employment opportunities.

8. Prepares Industry Ready Professionals:

While pursuing a it candidates undergo rigorous practical training and acquire profound command over computer programming languages like JavaScript, Python, etc. Besides, students also work on several real-world projects that enhance their technical skills and make them industry-ready professionals.

9. Paid Internships at Top IT Companies

Since the BCA degree is so versatile, many IT companies employ professionals to work with them. Some top IT companies even offer paid internships to promising students pursuing BCA so that they can groom these students professionally and absorb them into the workforce after they have completed their education. Such an opportunity will help students build job skills and earn a steady stipend when pursuing their education.

10. Great Networking Opportunities

Since a stand-alone BCA degree can open up great opportunities for anyone early on in their career through paid internships and lucrative job opportunities as a fresher, one will have ample opportunities to create a great professional network. This network will help them build a career from the ground up, and when one is looking for a shift in the industry this network will help them in getting the right job.

BCA as a Career

Various job profiles and job opportunities in different fields such as web designing, banking, computer programming, Network engineer, System Administrator, Software etc are available for candidates. BCA graduates can find employment in the government sector in various PSUs like all Government Banks, NSCI, LIC etc. Not only in India, but BCA jobs abroad offer lucrative salary packages and a chance to work in countries like Japan, Nigeria, USA, and UK