A creative way to write an MBA dissertation

MBA dissertation

Dissertation writing is the culminating stage of any study program. Every student be it a high-school graduate or a veteran student of master’s or PhD has to undergo dissertation writing. Dissertation writing is crucial because it elevates the status of the student from an amateur to a professional thus, increasing the intensity and significance of the paperwork. 

Dissertation Writing and MBA

MBA is one of the prestigious degrees that a student with the yearning to learn the business and acumen of entrepreneurship can have. However, to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree, one has to complete all the prerequisites that it asks. One of the most important aspects is the ability to write and support a dissertation. (Masters, 2022)

Notwithstanding the fact, that composing a report worth thousands of words, that also single-handedly can be an onerous task and consumes a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, proper organization of work can help greatly to achieve the desired outcome. (CustomPapers.com, n.d.)

Other than personal efforts, there are Masters Dissertation Proposal Services UK formatted that allows the users to avail the assistance in almost all the faculties that are taught around the globe. Students can ask for editing and proofreading, formatting, compiling and much more. 

Following are some of the areas that should be grasped properly to have an excellent dissertation report in minimum time. (Jansen, 2020)

1. Unique and attractive research topic

Along with the other content of a dissertation, the research topic shares equal significance for the fact that any reader would opt to read the dissertation if they are captivated by the topic of the paper in the first place.  

A good dissertation, apart from the main body; has a well-articulated research question so that reader is aware of what the dissertation is written about. The following attributes should be covered while forming a research question;

  • Position of the subject i.e., what importance does a certain topic has in the surroundings 
  • Clarity i.e., the question should explicitly define what the writer intends to talk about
  • Uniqueness i.e., the title should be catchy enough to capture the reader’s attention 

2. Detailed Research Proposal 

The research proposal is a document that is submitted prior to the actual dissertation and the main objective of the research proposal is to convince the institute one is wanting to publish the dissertation, about why the paper is justified to be accepted and approved by the public.

Persuasion might take extra effort since the writer has to demonstrate their influence via writing and delineate why the paper should be published    

In well-expressed research proposal the writer must include all their plans regarding;

  • how they will conduct the research 
  • who would be the target audience
  • how the data would be collected 
  • what methodology would be used to compose the paper  

All these questions if explained thoroughly help immensely to position the paper in the committee’s mind and get approval fast. 

3. Elaborative Introduction

From the introduction starts the content of the dissertation. The writer must be aware to include all main details in the introduction. For example; 

  • A cursory background of the study, explaining the idea behind the study
  • A problem statement i.e., the question in the subject explaining the problem that the writer wants to shed light on
  • Your research questions that specific the questions the study will pursue to answer 
  • The importance of the study i.e., how the study will benefit society let alone the reader

4. Outline the report 

The structure is very important to compose a dissertation paper. The writer must come up with a definite plan of what your paper should look like to the readers and that has to be done before commencing to write.

Usually, either the institution or the instructor allots the writing pattern and style for the dissertation according to their preference or acceptance of the institution.

The writer must understand the standards of the writing structure provided and should compose the draft accordingly. The main purpose of the dissertation is, the instructor must get to know the level of knowledge possessed by the student and how well they can impart that knowledge to others.

This trick comes in handy when there is a restriction on the dissertation’s length and word count. (Cooperative, n.d.)

5. Literature Review 

A literature review is already existing research on a similar topic from different authors around the globe. The writer must have the dexterity to analyze the data and findings that are available on the comparable topics.

The collected literature review then helps the writer to draft their own paper, however, the following things should be considered while reviewing the literature, for example;

  • Is the literature review authentic and included the problem that the writer wants to discuss?
  • is the literature written by an accredited and approved author?
  • Is the final result of the researcher logical, appropriate, and convincing?

6. Keep the reader in mind 

It is one of the smartest approaches used while writing a dissertation that the reader must be taken into consideration amidst composing. When the writer has their audience in concentration, they know what they should write in order to make the reader excited and keep them engaged.

After all the reader is whom, the dissertation is being written for, that is why it is necessary to understand the reader’s point of view while writing the report.

7. Review

The final stage of dissertation writing or any form of writing is to review the draft before submitting it. The writer must take professional assistance in getting their paper proofread and reviewed as a final stage before making the submission. 

This will make the student figure out the blunders that they made unintentionally and learn how to take the corrective measures to avert the mistakes.


Writing a dissertation be it at any level of studies is not as difficult as it seems. All it requires is patience and practice because writing is something that is learnt with time especially for people to whom English is not the first language. 

However, there are plenty of other opportunities available for the students who require extra assistance in writing i.e., they can buy MBA dissertation online which includes all the aforementioned aspects in it. 

These online assistances are useful for those students who are simultaneously performing multiple tasks and cannot allocate the required time to the dissertations. Thus, they end up taking the assistance. 


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