9 IT Certifications That Are Difficult to Obtain

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Information Technology is one of those fields, which has become of utmost importance in this age of digitization. We here are sure that the level of importance will still multiply in 2020. So, it is obvious that a certification or qualification in this field would not be, and is not easy to obtain. There is a rigorous curriculum for most IT certifications, various prerequisites and a tough final exam. So below, we have rounded up a list of 9 IT certifications, which are difficult to obtain but definitely worth the effort.

1. Managing Microsoft teams

Becoming certified in the MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams exam is not easy, especially considering it is provided by one of the best IT companies in the world. Although, once you are certified, you will have a view of the groups which have been Microsoft teams enabled in your organization. You will see that each team has been backed up by Office 365 group, and this node governs and provides a view of groups. In simple words, you will be certified to manage apps for your organization in the teams app, in Microsoft Teams admin center. A very useful certificate which makes it all the more valuable.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

An AWS Certification is enough for someone to get an actual job. It validates your expertise in cloud integration projects, which makes you very capable of having a job solely on that basis. Also, speaking about how the job market is, there is a huge demand for individuals having cloud networking skills with an AWS certificate. All of this makes it really difficult for someone to pass and obtain the certificate. This is also a certificate which in turn acts as a prerequisite for higher levels, which can further improve your knowledge and job prospects.

3. Project Management Professional V5

For all the project managers out there, this certificate is an highly industry recognized certification, which you should surely aim at as an industry professional. Also, this certification is not geographical based, or domain oriented, but has global validity and recognition. Its validation is world known and needed too. Also, having this means getting a significant advantage in your salary and overall earnings. In simple words, you will get a higher salary. If you are becoming a PMP, you will be becoming the project hero of your organization.

4. Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

After being certified, you will become the master of all the professional skills and technologies needed to implement Cisco Data center services. We always suggest all the IT Professionals with five to eight years of experience to enroll in this. After being certified, you will qualify for all the high demand jobs and professional level areas for class data center enterprises. Considering the need of a good amount of years as work experience, it is evident how disciplined and thorough this course is.

5. CompTIA A + Certification exam core 1

All the candidates appearing for this certification find it very difficult because once certified, you are blessed with a lot of significant advantages. According to the industry standards, this is one of the best certificates to launch your IT careers. Once certified, you become a proven problem solver. You will be also be able to support core technologies from security to cloud data management and more. An all-round development certification is never easy to clear.

6. CompTIA CSA+ Certification exam

This is one certificate, whose skills will help you bridge the gap between two of CompTIA certifications. One is, Security+ and the other is Security Practitioner. All the successful candidates will have all the skills and capabilities to detect all the threats and safety hazards, to identify, mitigate and remitigate all the vulnerabilities. You will have a very data driven approach once you complete this and your knowledge landscape is bound to increase.

7. Implementing Cisco threat control solutions

With this certificate, you will get the knowledge in the fields of web security, email security and cloud security. Not just this, but all the successful candidates will have the knowledge to implement Cisco’s two instruments, Cisco FirePOWER NGIPS and Cisco AMP. Considering how CISCO is slowly catching up to its competitors and taking over the world of cyber security, this is a win-win course. You will be having hands down, firsthand experience in configuring advances Cisco Configuring security solutions and mitigate outside threats, and traffic traverse the firewall.

8. Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices v1.0

If we trace what you will be learning, it would be the skills and knowledge to implement Cisco Unified Communications solutions. Moreover, it would cover administration of end user interfaces, telephony, and mobility features and Cisco UC Solution maintenance. Well, mainly everything goes around Cisco Unified Communication solutions, you will also have the skill set and tech to perform endpoint and end user generated tasks. This way, you get to become an asset to the company as soon as you finish this course.

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core

Enrolling in this course means you will be taken through all the steps and knowledge which is needed to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement, which means, it includes administrative settings, email integration, integrating with office 365 and security. Before enrolling, we all suggest candidates to enrich themselves with some prior knowledge.

Although it is not required or is necessary, but yes, it is surely recommended. In this case it would be, some knowledge of Microsoft dynamics and office 365. This is for knowing customer engagement features and functions. Also, having access to your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 demo environment would be true in an ideal situation. The procedure to have access to the same is easy.

Knowledge never goes down the drain, and the more qualified you are the better it is, especially when the world is super dynamic and competitive these days. But yes, everything comes for a price and in this case, I would be the hard work you will have to put in to get theses super hard to obtain certificates.

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