7 Features Of A Great College Essay

Great College Essay

College essays are pretty simple to write if you know what is expected of you. So students should do away with fear that usually envelopes them on how they will present a good essay either for getting admission into a college of their choice or being given as an assignment.

Without much ado, there are simple rules to follow when you wish to write a great college essay. It is important to know the rules and guidelines concerning the essay you wish to write. Take note of the word limit attached to you. Most essays fall within a range of 500-650 words. Make sure your work falls within this range, not too small and not more than what is expected.

Formatting styles are also important, if you are given any specific format to follow, it is necessary you do so. Have it in mind that a typical essay consists of an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Your introduction should be captivating and give a clear picture of the topic. It should drive the interest of the readers and also state your thesis statement. The body paragraph is where you state your main ideas and make sure that each main idea sticks to a paragraph.

Finally, the concluding aspect is as important as the introduction because it offers you a final opportunity to engage your readers and restate affirmative reviews on your topic. Don’t forget that nowadays availability of college essay writing services makes it easy for students to write their essays. What are these features that need to be part of your essay to make it a great one? Let’s state them one after the other.

  1. Initiative: Initiative is a drive that every college admission officer would be interested in knowing about a student. What kind of initiative does an intending student have? Are you an entrepreneurial type? A team player? What would you bring in to change the existing processes? These ideas should be reflected in your essay.
  2. Your different experience: Your essay should tell about your life experiences and challenges faced. Be honest about them as every reader wants to know the story behind your face. So make sure you include the different experiences you have passed through in your essay.
  3. Impact you have made: I could term this also as your personal contribution. They want to know if you have made any personal contribution to your local community and how it has improved people’s life. Talk about the interaction and experience you had while offering a service to your community.
  4. Your essay must be error free: After you have written your essay, you need to ensure that you proofread it. Revise also where necessary. This helps in checking your grammatical arrangement and correcting your spelling errors. Also ensure that all punctuations are included. You can also make use of college writing essay services to help you check your mechanism. Also ensure your ideas are logically arranged one after the other.
  5. Pay attention to your word limit: In as much as you want to tell a lot about yourself. Be aware that the essay has a word limit. Ensure that your essay falls within the range of your word limit. Allow only about 5-10% of your over or under word goal.
  6. Be honest: Honesty means being your natural self. Most students make the mistake of trying to guess what their tutors would think. They try to write their essay to fit with their thoughts. This is all wrong as the aim of an essay is to know your own voice or idea about a particular topic. So it is important to stick to your personality and be positive in writing.
  7. Take note of your introduction and conclusion: Your introduction and conclusion is very important. It is simply a way of saying ‘start strong and end well’. Your introduction must be captivating and attractive to grab the reader’s mind and attention. Also when writing your conclusion, make sure you restate your points and reasons in a different way and make a convincing claim on your topic.

The best way to perfect your writing skills is continuous practice. Write on a wide array of topics that interests you, carry out your research, proofread and make use of online helpers like college writing essay services to help you improve your writing skills. Then you will improve and be better at writing an essay.