5 Apps that will help you with your exams


Studying for an exam can be quite hectic, especially if you lack the necessary tools. To simplify your work when studying, you need some tools to help you get organized. If the assignment at hand is beyond you, you can always get assistance. Get Write My Essay and be assured of better grades.

Thanks to the app developers who have committed themselves to make sure learners have the necessary tools to make them study smoothly. There are hundreds of study apps out there that are customized to serve students better. The following are some of the apps that will help you with your exam


When it comes to revising for an exam, notes are the basic necessities. You need to get your notes in one organized place for easy retrieval. Evernote is one of the apps that will help you do so. Evernote has a special feature that lets you enhance your note with an audio recording. You can also add links and attachments that are related to what you are already studying.

Exam countdown

Exam Countdown is a free app that is compatible with Android iOS. It can be very confusing when you are studying and at the same time checking which exam is next. You need an app to help you manage your time and stay on the right path. The best app for doing all this is exam countdown. An interesting thing with this app is that you can share your whereabouts in the countdown on social media. With this feature, you can help your classmates stay on track.


This app is for both teachers and students. With this app, you can create a pool of studying materials since it links different Quizlet users. The app has a feature where the teacher can set evaluations for students. As you can see, there is an interaction between teachers and students, which mean you get quality content. The app also has the ability to incorporate both audio and videos hence enhancing the memory of what you learned.

My script calculator

If your discipline has a lot of math, this is the best app for your use. It has the ability to generate both formulas and equations for different questions. You only need to feed the app with questions, and then wait for the answer. The answer is generated within seconds. This app is a quicker way of solving mathematical problems.


Studying for long hours can be boring. It would help if you broke that monotony for a healthy living. With the help of the Sworkit app, you can set a specific time for working out other than studying. How to operate this app should not worry you; you need to enter in the types of exercises you want to do, and the app will guide you.

When you try some of the above apps, you will definitely see some positive improvements in your exam. Be smart by organizing your work with these apps. Also, enjoy a pool of resources. Some of these apps have thousands of materials that you need for your exam.