11 Useful Websites Every College Student Should Know About

College student

The transition from high school to college is a big one, so take advantage of these 10 websites to make your college years as pain-free as possible.


Quizlet.com will save you painstaking hours of making tedious flashcards that you will probably end up throwing away in the long run. Additionally, you can up your study game through fill-in-the-blanks, matching, flashcards, or by taking a test. No matter how you learn best, you are sure to find a way of studying that works for you! After all, 90% of Quizlet users have reported higher grades!


If you have a certain word or page count you need to hit, one of the easiest ways to meet all your parameters is to use a website like Word Counter. TheWordCounter.com not only shows you your total word count, but it will also break it down even further for you. This word counter will track the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, keywords, and pages. You also have the opportunity to check the average reading and speaking time if you are working on a speech or tied down by time constraints.


In a similar vein as TheWordCounter.com, Grammarly.com makes proofreading easy. All you need to do is copy and paste your completed document, or just type it right into the Grammarly document. From here, it will show you any grammatical errors that were made, suggest words that can better express what you’re saying, and “grade” your piece. You have the ability to customize your tone, and language of preference, as well as a few other variables.


You’re surely no stranger to Amazon.com, but did you know you might be eligible to get a free six month trial of Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Student is made available to students who are actively enrolled in at least one college course. Not only will you have access to free two-day shipping, but you can also watch TV shows and movies exclusive to Prime Video.

Back Market

Back Market aims to ease every student’s device situation with their handy discounts and roster of possible thrift finds. Apart from these great deals, the website also has a comparison tool ready to help everyone find the best smartphone for them. Moreover, the website has this brilliant buy back program, which lets students trade in their old device, so they can get a new gadget for a much cheaper price!


UNiDAYS makes it easy to keep track of the majority of brands and retailers that offer student discounts. You can receive discounts on everything from vitamins and protein powder to skincare, groceries, and meal prep kits. UNiDAYS has discounts on nearly everything a college student may be in need of.


Whether you’re already in college or just about to start, you’re probably aware of how outrageously expensive some textbooks can be, especially in some cases where you only need to worry about a chapter or two in them. One way to combat going into debt over textbooks is by searching for them on the Half Price Books website, where you can also find discounted movies and games!


Not only can you find inexpensive Broadway tickets, but TodayTix is also offering scholarships to students studying theater, journalism, and English. By following this link: https://www.todaytix.com/insider/nyc/posts/education-student-scholarship, you will be directed right to the scholarship application page. Break a leg!


Rate My Professors is essentially Yelp! for professors, the site really helps you whittle down your list if you’re stuck with too many options. Users can leave written reviews, tell whether or not they’d take another class under that professor, and rate their level of difficulty.


While Grammarly can help fix your grammatical errors and word usage, Owl.purdue.edu can help you navigate the ins and outs of almost any writing style you may run into. Straight from the writing lab at Purdue University, the Online Writing Lab will assist you in MLA, APA, and Chicago.


After using Grammarly to help edit and Owl to help format, use Citation Machine to help make sure all your citations are just right. All you need to do is select your citation style, select your source (newspaper, film, TV, magazine, etc.), enter in the required information regarding publication date, author (if print), title, and a few others, and before you know it, your citation is complete!