How to Make your Body Marijuana-Free Quickly?

Fewer and fewer companies use drug tests during the hiring process, which is why it is easy to get sometimes too confident. If you discover that you were mistaken and that to get hired, youíll have to pass the drug test, what could you do? Letís assume that you werenít abstaining from weed smoking recently.

  • If you want to help your body get rid of the THC, you should hit the gym. Intense training will help your body metabolize the THC quicker. You should choose cardio instead of lifting weights – you should sweat as much as possible. Some of the THC can be eliminated from the body through sweat as well.
  • Most of us donít hydrate enough, but if you want to pass the drug test, you should be extra diligent about providing your body with as much water as possible. Yes, it is possible to die from drinking too much, but itís really infrequent. 
  • Do you think that you have smoked too much for your body to metabolize it quickly? Thereís another way –  you could just buy fake piss instead.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your body drug-free quickly, check out this infographic, provided by Quick Fix Synthetic.