Why You Still Need Business Cards in a Digital World

Nowadays, almost every aspect of business has undergone a digital transformation. Still, business cards remain irreplaceable. In fact, even the biggest, most popular tech companies around the world continue to use them.

Indeed, business cards are more than just pieces of pasteboard printed with your contact information. Theyíre powerful marketing tools that can help you achieve your business goals. With the help of a professional design agency, you can create truly impactful, impressive business cards to give to your partners and clients. For start-ups and small to medium enterprises, business cards can go a long way in promoting your products and services. They also add a layer of trustworthiness. Meanwhile, big corporations are able to humanise their businesses through the use of simple, direct, and creative tools.

Still need a little bit of convincing? Here are a few more reasons why you definitely still need a business card in the digital age:

Business Cards Share Details with Ease

Believe it or not, not everybody has a smartphone. Even if they do, they might not be as familiar with its technological features. Thereís also the fact that not all smartphones have the same features, much less compatible with each other. As such, while sharing information phone-to-phone is highly convenient, itís not always possible.

With a business card, you can share details with ease without worrying about the quirks of technology. If you want to incorporate technological elements like QR codes, you can also easily do so with a business card.

Business Cards Make You Easier to Remember

Networking is an important part of business. Itís how you meet potential new clients and at the same time cultivate your existing business relationships. The problem is that some networking opportunities, such as mixers or large-scale conferences, donít offer a lot of one-on-one time. In fact, you probably wonít even have time to shake everyoneís hand. If you do get the chance to talk for a couple of minutes, you canít be sure that everything youíve said will be remembered. Thereís even a chance that they will forget your name!

With a professionally designed business card, youíll be easier to remember. With something physical to remind them, your potential clients can more easily associate you with your business. Indeed, itís simpler and more effective to hand someone a business card than simply expect them to remember your name.

Business Cards Make Good First Impressions

In the world of business, first impressions do last. If youíre in a highly competitive industry, it becomes even more important to catch and hold the attention of your customers and clients. You can easily accomplish this with the help of a business card. Itís something tangible, which helps solidify the first impression you made when you personally introduced yourself.

Whatís more, good business card design also gives an impression of professionalism. When you pay careful attention to something as small as a business card, it shows that youíll pay the same careful attention to your clients. A unique design (and shape) of a business card also makes you more recognisable.

Business Cards Are Important in Some Cultures

Do you have foreign clients? There are some cultures that place a lot of importance in business cards. They are not just an extension of the company but of the person giving the card as well. In Japan, for example, people are used to building an impression about you and your business depending on the quality of your business card. In Hong Kong, meanwhile, you are expected to hand a business card in exchange for someone elseís. If you want to do business with them, then you have to have a well-designed business card.

Business Cards Work Anywhere, 24/7

When you hand over a business card, all the important details are there. No need to open an app or go to a website. In short, it works 24/7. You can share it at any time, with as many people as you want without having to rely on technology. Whatís more, giving someone your business card establishes a more tangible connection.

Business cards also give your organisation extra legs. Where you canít reach customers and partners with billboards or newspaper advertisements, your business card can do the marketing for you.

Business Cards Are Affordable

Nowadays, there are plenty of advertising methods to choose from. TV commercials, digital videos, billboards, and social media ads are just a few examples. However, these also cost a lot of money. With a business card, you can reach considerably more people with lower investment. Even if you choose premium paper and unique designs, youíll still end up spending less than other types of marketing and advertising. Whatís even better is that youíre sure that the intended recipient will actually receive your card.

Business cards may be considered old-fashioned, but they havenít lost their effectiveness. Everyone understands what it is, which immediately eliminates the barrier of comprehension. More importantly, business cards give your business a human touch. They can be used as a communication tool to help establish your brand and convey your message.

Get in touch with a design agency and have your business cards designed and printed to help grow your business.

Image Credit: Digital World via ESB Professional/Shutterstock