Web Design vs. Web Development

Web Design-vs-Web Development

Today, we will be talking about the differences between a web designer and a web developer. Often, there is a lot of confusion that surrounds the difference between web design and web development. There are several common characteristics between the two, and the two roles go hand-in-hand. However, they both have different processes, roles, and even salaries. We will go over the differences through this blog, including the tools, portfolio, presentation, and more.

What is the Responsibility of a Web Designer and Web Developer?

Let’s start by defining what a web designer and developer does.

Web Designer – A web designer focuses on the aesthetic look of the website. They also ensure good user experience for the user. So, the web designer handles everything when it comes to the look and feel of the website. Therefore, a web designer will have the challenging task of implementing the user experience into the design. While doing this, they will also have to remember about the branding, color palettes, typography, and readability.

Web Developer – A web developer then takes those designs and turns them into a live functioning and error-free website. In other words, they build the interface through which users engage with the website. To ensure a website’s functionality, web developers will use various languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will also use other application tools to code and build the structure of the site.

An excellent way to distinguish between the two is to think of web designers as architects creating blueprints for a new home. Then, the web developers are the people who turn the blueprints into a physical home that the clients can live in. Just like architects and builders collaborate to create a home for the client, web designers and developers work conjointly to create a stunning product for the user.

What Tools do Web Designers and Developers Use?

Web Designer – As web designers are responsible for the website’s aesthetic, they generally use graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sigma, and Sketch. These tools are used to construct wireframes and prototypes to determine the website’s layout. Web designers are also responsible for how users navigate through the site and possibly, analytics.

Web Development – As mention before, web developers use programming languages to create the website’s code. However, they also use web languages to set up email services user authentication, databases, and other technical aspects of the website. Therefore, web developers will need software like text editors, a command-line interface, and version control to build features that will display the data.

Portfolio Presentations

Now, let’s dive into the differences in portfolio presentation between the two roles. Both web designers and developers will need an excellent portfolio to showcase their skills and experience for future employers. With that said, web designers and developers tend to use different services to create their portfolios.

Web Designer – A web designer would use their websites to display their knowledge in color schemes, graphic design ability, and creativity, such as Behance or Dribble.

Web Developer – On the contrary, web developers rely on websites like Github, which demonstrates how well the developer can refactor and abstract the code to be elegant and readable to other web developers. A web developer could also use cloud-based website hosting services such as AWS and Heroku to display static websites and web applications that they might have created.

Which One is Right for You?

Now that we have talked about the differences in tools, portfolios, and responsibilities, you might be wondering which career would be right for you. Although there are some notable differences, the good news is that these two roles are very interchangeable. With that said, either career choice may require you to be appropriately trained on both the web design and development side. Either way, you need to do your research before making a decision. As you can see, there is a stark difference between web design and web development. Our web design team in Orlando can provide further information.