Trendy Fonts: 10 Amazing Fonts For 2022 and How To Make The Best Out Of It

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Nothing conveys a message or intention clearer than a good piece of writing. However, in the era of social media we live today, no matter how good your writing is, text alone wonít get you the attention it deserves if it doesnít visually pull the reader in. Thatís where trendy fonts and graphic design come into play.

There are two ways to make sure your copy gets noticed. The first method relies heavily on graphic design. By leveraging cool design elements surrounding your text, you can better catch the eye of readers. But what if you donít have room for graphics? Thatís where the second method, typography takes the lead. Try using one of this yearís attention-grabbing trendy fonts to your piece and see how it pull your viewers in.

So, what are the top fonts this year and how can you use them in text design? Join us as we explore the trendiest fonts for 2022.

How To Know if a Font is Trendy?

As a designer/creative content creator, you need to know what are the top fonts of the season so that you stay on top of all of the visual and design trends. To make things easier, we have a few tips to identify whether a font is trendy or not.

First, you need to have an active presence on social media and not just that you should follow the industryís top designers, artists, and innovative brands to stay up to date on their editing techniques and favourite fonts. If a font or typography style is gaining popularity, chances are that you will notice more designers using it in their creative content. The more design-focused accounts you follow, the sooner youíll likely spot newly trendy fonts.

You can also read up about trendy fonts in artistic journals. Most designer-oriented magazines (both digital and print) make predictions about the upcoming trends way ahead of the season. If you stay updated about the trends, youíll slowly learn how to predict them on your own.

Finally, brush up on typography basics. Once you learn these basics, youíll understand what fonts mean, how to use them together, and how to design with them. As a designer, you have the power to be a trendsetter, so use whatever fonts you like and they just may become trendy.

What Was the Most Popular Font of 2021?

Helvetica is, without a doubt, the most popular font and has been for a while now. Keep in mind that Helvetica isnít necessarily last yearís trendiest font, but itís the most popular one. And thatís mostly because Helvetica is pretty much used for everything. Even alternatives to Helvetica look similar.

Overall, 2021 was an amazing year for typography. From calligraphy to typewriter fonts, there was a lot of diversity among last yearís trending fonts.

The Best and Most Trendy Fonts of 2022

So, whatís going to be trendy this year? After last yearís designer fonts, we predict that 2022 is going to be a year full of hope, experimentation, and surprises. Here are our top picks for best fonts for designers in 2022:

1) Bebas Neue Light

Chic minimalism doesnít seem to be going anywhere in 2022 and Bebas Neue Light is here to prove it. Based on the original Bebas Neue free font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Bebas Neue Light is an amazing new addition to the Bebas Neue sans-serif font family.

The elegance of the font is captured by its clean lines and elegant shapes. The all-caps nature of it makes it great for title and logo designs, making it a great addition to a designerís portfolio. If youíre into minimalist typewriter fonts, Bebas Neue Light may just become your favorite font this year.

2) ITC Blair

ITC Blair has been around for a long time, and it will finally get its turn to shine among trendy fonts this year. This font started as a simple handset metal typeface and was popular from the 1910s to the 1950s. In 1997, the font was revived by Jim Spiece, bringing it to a new commercial audience. ITC Blair is elegant and minimalistic in nature, but its unusual weight and width make it great for cool title fonts. If youíre looking for something simple, but loud, this is the font for you.

3) Corvallis Sans Std

Corvallis Sans Std was designed by Philip Bouwsma as a part of the bigger Corvallis Sans font family. Bouwsma was interested in calligraphy and its influence is noticeable in the typefaces he created. This is a neutral font with a bit of flair, making it legible but eye-catching. The weight of the lines varies within each letter, giving the text a dynamic look. In 2022, youíll notice variations on this font in static designs.

4) Optien

Optien should become a part of your design arsenal this year. This font is made for lovers of everything bold yet slick. Optien was designed by MŚns Grebšck, a typeface designer based in Sweden. Its weight and boldness make it great for cool title fonts, while the curved nature of the letters gives it a modern vibe. If youíre looking for something more experimental, or perhaps even futuristic, then this is the font of the year for you.

5) Sinaloa

Sinaloa is a font that stands out from the crowd so much that itís almost hard to describe. Designed by Rosmarie Tissi, Sinaloa was originally based on an unreleased logo for a swimwear manufacturer. The unique vertical lines were introduced only in the second variation of the font in the 1980s. This font is perfect for retro design, posters, album covers, and merchandising design projects.

6) Parisian Std

Parisian Std is one of the most elegant typefaces to dominate the market this year. This letter style is simple but has a contemporary bounce, making it extremely versatile and memorable. Itís perfect for luxury brand logos and creative design projects. Parisian Std has a tasteful combination of cursive and typewriter elements, making it an elegant option among the top fonts for 2022.

7) Cellos Script

The best fonts for designers this year are not limited to typewriter fonts. Calligraphy fonts also have their time in the spotlight this year and Cellos Script is a testament to that. This elegant font was designed by MŚns Grebšck, who also designed the previously mentioned Optien font. The intentional irregularities in weight give this font an authentic handwritten look. Cursive fonts will be among the top fonts this year due to their authentic aesthetic.

8) Old English Std

Donít let the ďoldĒ in the font name fool you. This blackletter font will be in full force this year, especially within artistic circles. Last year saw a sudden rise in the popularity of grunge edits and retro design styles. And this year we predict that this popularity will spill into typography choices. Old English Std will be a trending font for everything from album covers to merchandise design.

9) Harlow Std

The 3D nature of Harlow Std makes it visually stand out among the trendy fonts of the year. This intricate handwritten font adds dimension to any type of static image. The font was designed by English type designer and photographer Colin Brignall. The Harlow decorative font family was designed in 1979 but has remained trendy throughout the decades. The distinctive feature of the font lies in its disconnected cursive styling.

 10)  Smokum

Finally on our list of trendy fonts, Smokum is one that should not be missed. This all-uppercase font combines heavy and thin strokes and packs a serious old western vibe. Use Smokum in a design and youíll have droves of people asking you which font you used.

Create modern Designs with Top Fonts

Now that weíve seen some of the best fonts for designers in 2022, itís time to put them into practice. Luckily, itís easy to create designs with these trendy fonts in Picsart.

Hereís how to find and use one of the trending fonts on Picsartís desktop platform:

Step 1) Go to the Picsart desktop editor and click on the button to start a new project to start a new project in Picsart web

Step 2) Click on Fit in the left toolbar and then Texture in the upper toolbar to select a trendy background for your new design project.

Step 3) Select Text in the left toolbar, pick a general font size under Simple Text, and type in your copy. Then click on Fonts in the upper toolbar and search for any of the trendy fonts listed above. Here you can also adjust the font color, size, line height, letter spacing, alignment, text styles, and more.

Step 4) Click Export to save your edit to your laptop. Here you can also adjust the file size, upscale your image, and more.

Prefer to design on the app? Hereís how to access amazing fonts in Picsartís mobile app:

Step 1) Open the Picsart app and tap on the plus sign (+) to start a new project. Tap on Backgrounds to pick a cool background for your text design.

Step 2) Tap on Text in the Editor toolbar to get access to all the text tools. Type in your copy then tap on Font in the toolbar. Scroll across the amazing font options or tap the up arrow to search for a specific trendy font.

Step 3) Take your edit up a notch by using the various text tools. Here we used the Text Bend tool (labeled at Bend in the Text toolbar). Adjust the slider to get the right shape.

You can also change the fill and outline color of your text to match your background, add a shadow, adjust the highlight, text stroke, blend, spacing, and more.

Step 4) Once you have the text you like, add other design elements like Stickers and more Ė all found in the Editor toolbar. Here we added a sticker to draw the viewerís eye in to your text-based edit and adjusted the opacity.

Step 5) Tap on Next then Save your trendy font edit to your phone or post your edit with the Picsart community.

Pro tip: If you donít want to start from scratch, you can find thousands of pre-made templates and swap the font for one of these trendy fonts in seconds