Top Ten Sans-Serif Fonts.


If you have read any of our other articles, you probably have learned a bit about typefaces. Typefaces are the big “classification” types in which we group the fonts, and we can find four of them: serif, sans serif, script or slab. Today we are going to concentrate on the sans serif typeface: similar to serif, but with similar strokes across all letters and without the adornments we call serifs.

This very professional typeface was created as a variation of the serif type, and started as we know it roughly around the XVIIth century, where it started to be used in books and publications. The sans serif typeface can also be classified in four major groups: grotesque, neo grotesque, geometric and humanist.

So, before you go search for sans serif fonts on fontsly.com, wouldn’t you like to know which sans serif fonts are the most popular and the best to use on the web ? Well, here we are going to give you a little list with the top ten sans-serif fonts:

Open sans: Designed by Steve Matteson, comes in 10 different styles from light to extra bold. A very professional, simple, neat and clean font that can fit a lot of different feelings thanks to its different styles.

Roboto: The official font of the Android family, it was designed by Christian Robertson. It also comes in 12 different styles, from thin to ultra bold. A very modern font type, it combines the best of fonts such as Helvetica and Arial.

PT Sans: Created by ParaType, it comes in different 4 styles and with bold, italic and normal versions for all of them. A very elegant and dynamic font that is a favourite of web designers.

Exo: Designed by Natanael Gama, an interesting fact about this font is that it was originally funded through a Kickstarter project and then released for free use of everyone ! It comes in 18 different styles so you are going to have a lot of choice with this font, and it has a lot of curves and shapes it is very dynamic and cool.

Exo 2: Originally a variation of exo, it is very similar to the original but it has been made more legible and bigger, also removing many of the details of the original. So if you like exo, but this font isn’t legible enough for you, exo 2 is for you !

Ubuntu: The official font for the Ubuntu operating system, it was designed by Dalton Maag and it comes in 8 styles from light to bold. This font is rounded, quirky and fun, really stylish for those who want a little pep in their project.

Nobile: A less well known font, it comes only in 2 weights and 4 styles, so there is not a huge amount of choice, but this font compensates for it with its elegance, class and versatility. It is also very readable at small sizes, so it is great for those of you that like small lettering.

Montserrat: Originally created by Julieta Ulanovsky, this very simple, elegant font was designed by the old signs and posters on the Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. This font also has a great readability, so it is perfect for lengthy projects.

9. Roboto Condensed: A version of Roboto, this font is less geometric and mechanical, and features more friendly and open curves. It is also somewhat smaller and more compact, which makes for a more natural and flowy reading rhythm. Perfect for those that love Roboto, but would like something warmer, friendlier and more approachable.

10. Raleway: Raleway is another elegant sans-serif font. Designed by Matt McInerney in a single style, it was eventually expanded into 9 styles. The simplicity, style, geometrical shapes and size of this font make it perfect for headings, titles, logos and other large size usage.

So there you have it, a list of the top ten sans serif fonts ! Now that you have learned more about them, why don’t you go to fontsly.com to download some of them and start experimenting to see with those that fit your style, personality and the idea you have for your project ? Fonts can really convey a particular feeling and vibe, so we wish you luck in finding the one that’s right for you !

Image credit: Fonts via Yuravector/Shutterstock