Top 5 WordPress Themes For Lawyers

Top 5 WordPress Themes For Lawyers

Building an interactive and sleek website is incredibly important in the world of law today to show potential clients what you can do for them. A beautiful website will not only represent you well, but it will also increase the number of clients you receive as well.

A great example of this is this personal injury lawyer in Hamilton which manages to show their expertise, while remaining modern. If youd like to do the same then here are five of the top WordPress themes for lawyers.


To start this off, You is a professional site that is impressively responsive. It is a multi-purpose theme, but it is ideal for lawyers. With this sleek website youll have plenty of options for feature sliders, bars, and all other sorts of widgets to play with. If youre hesitant to do this on your own, you can follow a great demo video on their website. Thousands of lawyers have used this website design, so it is tried and tested, but is versatile enough so that your site will look unique.


This site is easy to navigate and has a clean look to it, allowing the words on the page to stick out to potential clients and as the name suggests, it is designed specifically with you in mind. The sole aim of this website, outside of looking professional, is to make it easy for your potential clients to move through the website easily and without confusion.


All all around fantastic theme, Justice make it easy for any law firm to create their own site within a few minutes. The theme auto adjusts so as to fit any device screen and it supports popular plugins such as WooCommerce. There are also plenty of widgets on this theme for you to play around with as well.


This powerful theme is loaded with great features so you can design a very future-focused website. It has a drag and drop editor, so designing the site is incredibly easy and the pre-made layouts are professional. Prepare for this theme to give your law firm a strong look to any potential clients who stop by.

The Practice

The Practice is a clean premium theme with a really cool look to it. Its sleek, simple, and most of all – beautiful. Your clients will be attracted to this page and you for being the owner of it, its professional and has plenty of great integration features.

These are five of the best themes for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms to use. Youll love these themes as all are easy to install, look professional, and are feature-packed.