Top 5 Trending Front-End Frameworks In 2019


Front-end development frameworks are essential tools when developing a website. In the recent past, their popularity has grown considerably, and there are now available in different options. It is quite difficult to choose the right product, given the variety. Below are things to consider when looking for a right JavaScript framework for your project.

  • Skill level. You have to consider your skill level of web developing when finding a suitable framework. If you are a beginner, choose a framework that comes with simple widgets and requires minimal coding skills. On the other hand, if you have the necessary experience, you can choose a framework that provides room for customization.
  • Responsive design. Due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, you should develop a site that can be accessed through various devices. Therefore, choose a framework that supports a responsive web design.
  • CSS preprocessors. Apart from the web design, make sure the framework you choose also supports CSS preprocessors such as Sass and LESS.
  • Appearance. Appearance is critical when designing a website. Choose a framework that will enable you to create a suitable presentation with little effort.
  • Prototypes. Lastly, consider a framework that will allow you to produce wireframes and prototypes quickly. This will enable you to speed up the design and development process of the web design.

Below are some of the popular frame end trends


It is a front-end development framework suitable for both mobile and desktop applications. It is an open source framework that utilizes 2-way data binding options, the JavaScript. The Angular framework has reusable components and routing options and is well known for unit-testing, mock testing, and end-to-end testing.

Most developers prefer this framework because it simplifies complex coding and follows the MVC pattern. Additionally, it can be integrated with third-party libraries and enables the creation of scalable applications. It can be used in the creation of single-page or medium type web applications. On the flip side, most developers claim that angular front-end development framework draws the charge of mobile devices.


React is a JavaScript library suitable for developing large date applications. It was designed by Facebook in 2013 and has been utilized in other social media platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp. React provides services that enable the developer to interact with the webpage directly and faster. Additionally, it creates virtual DOM and SSR that helps the user view the webpage without changing the UI.

Furthermore, it follows the MVC pattern, enabling the user input data without difficulties. It is currently one of the most demanded web development frameworks due to its simplicity and scalability. However, some developers have complained that it is complicated and has had poor documentation.


Vue.js is simple compared to other frameworks and therefore ideal for beginners or those interested in learning web development. Unlike most frameworks, it enables the user to plug into the specific server-side application. Additionally, it also features an inbuilt interactive system and necessary libraries that help the developer scale data from front-end to other parts of the development process.

A web developer can render any data since the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is separate. On the other hand, although sometimes it is not an easy task, the user can also bind the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript together. Vue.js is an open source framework that enables real-time data update on the web page.


It is a small memory framework suitable for high-performance and fast web development. The framework does not have strict structures, and therefore the developer can use it independently. Backbone is entirely based on the model-view-presenter (MVP) JavaScript library.

One of the significant advantages of the backbone framework is the lack of back-end language and front end template making it more flexible than most frameworks. Also, it can be used to build desktop, mobile, and other simple applications.


It is an open source framework and mainly used for easy and simple coding algorithm. The primary aim of this framework is to simplify complex codes and make them user-friendly. It is based on the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) JavaScript design and interface enable users to develop dynamic and single-web applications.

In conclusion, JavaScript trends are different and have unique benefits. A front-end framework that applies to one developer might not be relevant to another, and it is suitable to do thorough research. Chances are you might find one or more framework that suits your needs. Choosing the right web development tool eases your work and enhances efficacy.

Yana Poluliakh is a brand manager at Yalantis, mobile and web app development company based in Ukraine. Yana works to improve relationships between Yalantis and its customers by elaborating the company’s brand messaging. She also writes about mobile app development, technology trends, and marketing.