The Ultimate Logo Design Tutorial: 5 Tips to Design the Coolest Company Logo

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Designing a logo is more difficult than people expect. That’s why you need a logo design tutorial. Here are 5 tips to make the coolest logo ever.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about the company Apple? Likely before the iPhone or the MacBook pops into your head, you think of its iconic logo.

The Apple logo is more than just a sensible choice for a company named after the fruit. It’s versatile and unique. It’s simple when it needs to be, but can be modified to say more. It tells a story about a company defining a generation.

It also looks like something you would make in a logo design tutorial. That’s because most of the time, the simpler a logo is, the better.

Keep reading for five tips to define your company with an iconic company logo!

1. Don’t Let the Palette Be Pale

One of the most important things that are usually overlooked when designing a logo is the color. Imagine if the Twitter logo wasn’t blue. It definitely wouldn’t be recognizable as it is now.

The logo’s color should naturally fit into the overall identity of a company’s brand. A flashy brand means the logo should feature many bright colors. Yet, a modernist design should opt for a single, simple, neutral color.

2. Make the Image Move, but Not Actually

Movement naturally captures the eye–especially the perception of it. Twitter’s logo is so successful because of its natural upward motion. The bird is soaring upward, and people notice that.

When designing your logo, try finding a way to make it look like a picture. You want it to look like your logo is a picture of something in motion. For example, auto shops can have a logo featuring the pistons of an engine in different locations.

3. Versatility Is Fundamental to Good Design

The best logos survive through years because they are adaptable. Apple’s logo is so revered because it has changed so much through the years, yet it’s always recognizable. The color palette is radically different with each new version, yet everybody knows it’s Apple’s logo.

If nothing else, keep your logo simple since it can be adapted down the line. Times change, and so does good design. Your logo design needs to stay good while still being recognizable.

4. The Less Image, the More Story to Tell

Logos with too much going on in them do more than drive people away. They leave no room for the company’s story.

Logos should provoke people to ask how a company was made. They should wonder why the logo looks like it does–how that design reflects the company. It automatically engages them with the organization.

5. Look at Logo Design Tutorials for Inspiration and More

The first step in any design is to get inspired. The best way to do that is by looking at tutorials. It’s good to look at other logos for ideas, but it’s better when you hear people tell you why they designed something a certain way.

By watching people design logos and explain their rationale behind each line, you can get ideas for your own. You also start thinking strategically as a designer as well creatively.

Your Logo Is More Than Just a Cool Image

Your logo is the first thing your customers and clients notice about your business. Logos invite people to investigate a business more, and good ones can be designed with a simple logo design tutorial.

However, the best logos fit into a company’s overall brand. If a logo doesn’t fit into a company’s overall brand, then customers feel lied to when they arrive at the business. They will be discouraged from returning.

So while being creative is essential, it’s also important to be strategic. Don’t make something that doesn’t make sense with the organization as a whole.

Yet, you can’t make anything if you don’t have the resources to do so.

Here are a few resources you can use for your next great logo design. Use them to start attracting new, curious customers to your company!