The all new PCB design software from Altium leaves quite an impression

With the all new PCB design software from Altium, you can now get efficiently printed circuit boards of any complexity almost instantaneously. The entire job of the board being printed with all the sub assemblies and the loaded components will be done right in front of your eye with the all new PCB editor from Altium.

You no longer have to export any other application, or make use of any external 3D application to create and print your circuit board. With just a single click on your mouse, you can edit and view the PCB design of your choice in full 3D.

Some intriguing features

The Altium PCB designer software comes with a unique unified data model, which helps your PCB to stay in sync with the schematics originally inputted throughout the course of its creation. With this new designer, any and every user will have the ability to automatically generate net classes and components, depending on the inputted schematic. You will also have the option of using the original structure of the schematics to control the entire process of component creation and placement, owing to the source file having the raw logical structure. If there are any changes in the PCB level, they are reflected in the PCB schematics almost automatically, along with total sync with the preset design once the SAVE option is selected.

The new PCB design software from altium.com routes the entire design path for you quite intelligently. You only need to move your mouse pointer over the progress track you wish to monitor, and the software will do the rest. This interactive mode is right at your fingertips, always ready to lend a helping hand, and as a primary user, only you can use this feature and no one else, provided you do not give anyone else the authorisation.

electronic board

When all the critical work is done, the program automatically gives a notification that the work has been completed, via the topological auto routing engine feature in built in it. All the stages of the entire PCB creation process are controlled through the PCB editor, which is a good thing, because you will have all the work stored on one memory and not on multiple 3D applications. Using multiple tools is a thing of the past – it is now the age of the all-in-one altium.com’s PCB design software.

Final verdict

With the new PCB design software from the house of Altium, the processes of board level design are significantly unified, with the assistance of a single application environment, which can actually be used for recording all data pertaining to the design, for verifying the circuit’s performance level, and design the printed circuit board efficiently and quite quickly. Real time synchronisation of the design of the PCB, single point management of design data, and smooth collaboration with all domains pertaining to PCB design becomes an easy thing to do with Altium’s single model and single system design data. So for any PCB requirement, this tool is a must have on many levels.