5 Myths About PCB Design Debunked

PCB Design

The world we know today would not be possible without printed circuit boards. The PCBs are the core of every electronic piece on the planet, as their purpose is to create a connection between different components. As the technology develops, the need for PCBs is growing bigger and bigger. That is the reason why PCB design seems as a job of the future.

However, a number of people decide not to get on this journey, because they feel itís too complicated. Itís true that PCB design is not easy, but those who do their best can hope for a prosperous career. In fact, the belief that PCB design is hard comes from the ignorance on this subject. There are many myths surrounding this job, some of which weíre going to expose in this article.

Every PCB Layout is the Same

The myth goes that once you learn to do one PCB layout, you will know how to do them all. In fact, this is what causes many problems Ė people take their tasks too lightly, which in turn, can result in a disaster. You need to approach every task with your full attention if you want to get a good result.

PCB Design

All Circuit Boards Are Green

The most commonly used material for the production of printed circuit boards is glass-epoxy, which is naturally green. Still, the color of a PCB has nothing to do with its quality. You can find a green PCB thatís extremely good or a blue-colored circuit board thatís full of flaws. Itís not about the looks, when it comes to PCBs, but in the placement of the electronic components.

The Place of Components Doesnít Matter Much

Another misconception about PCBs is that you can put the components wherever you like. The key thing to pay attention to, is to think about it as a 3 dimensional board. This way, you will not forget the physical height of the components. Otherwise, you may create problems in relation to the neighboring boards.

Every PCB Design Software is the Same

You canít expect to get great in a job, unless you have proper tools. When it comes to circuit board design, you need to get a good PCB design software. Itís true that there are lots of free versions available online, but none of them have the features that will make your job easier. If you want to make a living out of PCB design, you need to invest in a good design program.

The Work is Done When the PCB Design is Made

Donít expect that youíll get rich quickly if you decide to start a career of a PCB designer. Your job will involve designing circuit boards in a program on your computer, but this doesnít mean that itís going to be easy. Even the best PCB designers on the planet need to revise their work, from time to time. The schematic design differs from the real one, which is why youíll probably have to make some changes after the initial work is done.