50 Most Inspiring and Artistic Music Logos to Swing your Mood

Logo design of a company or organization sets the mood for the brand and the branding, it has to be a reflection of reliability, innovation and mastery. In a music industry, you will find many highly creative logo designs, as it needs specific arrangements of displaying music as an art.

Today we collected 50 most creative and innovative music logos that will set your mood for an inspiring day filled with happiness and joy. See how designers have made it possible to display branding and artistic touch at the same time.

1. Ahmatron Logo

Ahmatron Logo

2. Metro Music

metro music

3. The Valleys

The Valleys

4. canyon music

canyon music

5. Harmonica Estudio

Harmonica Estudio

6. Radio Moslavina

Radio Moslavina

7. Crescendo Music Entertainment

Crescendo Music Entertainment

8. Music Town logotype

Music Town logotype

9. Cafe Concert

Cafe Concert

10. Music Planet


11. Audiobite Records

Audiobite Records

12. Electrostub


13. Forbes


14. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rock ‘N’ Roll

15. Owl Pod Logo
owlPod Logo

16. Jam Center

Jam Center

17. Capo Don Records

Capo Don Records

18. Moon Lounge

Moon Lounge

19. Peter King

Peter King

20. Coeur D’Alene Jazz Charter

Coeur D’Alene Jazz Charter

21. Ken Ring & Tommy Tee – Final Logo/Emblem

Ken Ring & Tommy Tee Final Logo Emblem

22. Combo


23. Wilfrido Vargas

Wilfrido Vargas

24. Wip


25. Music


26. Elmaudio


27. The Urban Sound of Amsterdam (1)

The Urban Sound of Amsterdam (1)

28. Musicians Channel

Musicians Channel

29. The Groover

The Groover

30. Arcana


31. Lover booking

Lover booking

32. Insongniac


33. Paint The Town

Paint The Town

34. Sound Dog

Sound Dog

35. Cherry Records

Cherry Records

36. Musicrown Logo Design

Musicrown Logo Design

37. Bird Music Red Room

Bird Music Red Room

38. Akira Records

Akira Records

39. Songcake


40. Sound Beat Factory

Sound Beat Factory

41. Indie Artist Station

Indie Artist Station

42. Music Poet

Music Poet

43. Fabric Soul

Fabric Soul

44. Piano Forest

Piano Forest

45. Tiny logo

Tiny logo

46. Music Vibes

Music Vibes

47. Wie Singer Music

Wiesinger Music

48. Av Gifts

Av Gifts

49. Music That Mends

Music That Mends

50. City of Music

City of Music