London vs Manchester Web Design Companies go head to head

Web Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression- Andrew Grant

Living in a world where we meet a lion’s share of our prospective clients and business partners on the Internet, it is vital that we start off strong with a great first impression even when our first contact is online.

For most businesses as well as individuals out there, their website is the first impression that people stumble upon while looking them up online- and a great design, a fluid experience goes a long way towards making them form a favourable opinion.

But, in a world where almost everyone armed with a keyboard, toting a few lines of Javascript and CSS, claims to be a web developer; it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the riffraff from ones that know what they’re doing.

This where we step in. This curated list of web design companies have a portfolio of work that speaks for itself. But more importantly, if you are from the UK, they’re located in either Manchester or London so that you get to drop into their offices to share your ideas.

But what if you’re not from the UK you may ask? Well, these Website design companies with a Manchester office also provide Skype sessions, and so do their London counterparts. Enough of an introduction though, let’s pit these web design companies head to head and lay their pros and cons down!

For this showdown we will countdown a list of 5 companies from Manchester as well as London each and then we dissect their strengths and weaknesses so that you can choose the design studio that fits your needs the best!

Web Design Room

Location: London

An agency located in the heart of London, the Web Design Room is almost as storied an institution as one can get in the world of web designing. Founded in 1998, just before the dotcom bubble went into full swing, this is one company that has evolved with the Internet and has flourished because of their adaptive nature and strict principles of keeping the customer and their needs before all.

The services they offer include web design, copywriting, SEO, social media handling, logo design and of course brand design as well as marketing. A complete one shop stop, the only caveat being they charge an arm and a leg for projects that are complex.

Red Fern

Location: Manchester

If you are looking for one of the most professional B2B Website design companies with a Manchester office, Red Fern is the best place. Ever since their relaunch they have had one success story after another with a clientele that boasts of names like JWS Waste, What More UK, Morson Group and many more.

Their specialty lies in depth analysis of your current business model then strategizing a design and developing an unique website that fits your needs. They also provide Internet marketing solutions to take care of your every needs. If Web Design Manchester is on your mind, they’re one of the very best out there.

A perfect combination of affordability end result and unparalleled customer satisfaction, Red Fern is the industry leader in web design and one company that we can vouch for from the Manchester area.

The Hideout

Location: London

The Hideout is one of the newest and upcoming web design studios based around London. I say based around London since technically they’re tucked away in the Kent countryside, but they are a passionate bunch of people who love to travel the extra mile for their customers most of whom are located in and around London.

They handle a wide range of services from SEO to web designing and everything in between and one of the secret ace up their sleeves is that they offer content services as well. However the fact that they’re a tad out of the way means that communicating face to face can sometimes become a bit of a chore.


Location: Manchester

If you are looking for a creative Web Design Manchester company, Bamboo Manchester might be one to have a look over. Although the client list isn’t as impressive, they do feature an extensive portfolio of websites that they have created before.

And with 12 years in the field, clients get to pick between the brochure websites, e commerce portals or even corporate websites. Available always on the phone and via email this is one Web Design Company Manchester worth looking into.

The Creation Lab

Location: London

While all of these companies in this list are very good at web designing and SEO, each one of them have their own niche where they’re better than the rest. If video creation is something you are looking for, then Creation Lab, located in the middle of Kent and London is the best place to go.

In fact more than the numerous awards and accolades that they have gathered over their past decade of existence, what is most impressive about the Creation Lab is their extensive client list that includes Bluewater, NHS, Essex County Council and Metro Bank. The dedicated team of developers, content creators and marketing strategists make sure you look your best on the Internet.


Location: Manchester

With over a decade of experience in the field Shape has a bunch of one of the most talented web designers and graphic artists out there. One of the better Web Design Manchester companies out there Shape has worked with a wide range of clients that range from startups and individuals to huge firms like Blackberry and BBC.

While they are definitely on the pricier side of things, they do make excellent designs and provide end to end support from setting up the website to making sure it is fast and responsive. One thing however that they do miss out on is that they have no integrated content services that businesses can take advantage of while creating their website.


Location: London

Marketing themselves as an exclusive luxury design studio that appeals itself only to the higher echelons of the corporate and luxury world, maido is a design studio that revels in its exclusivity. The pricing structure is sky high but the product can more often than not match the price tag.

Madio are located in London and have an extensive and highly talented design team that are ready for the most complex and intricate web designs that you can throw at them. Their client list exudes their exclusivity and capability to work with large corporations like Netflix, Google, Jaguar Wimbledon and Land Rover as well as high profile fashion lines such as Agent Provocateur and Mulberry.

Left Media

Location: Manchester

One of the youngest companies on this list Left Media has made its mark as a B2B design studio and Internet marketing company based out of Manchester. In a mere 3 years of existence as a Web Design Manchester company, Left Media has garnered an impressive team of dedicated workers that can often punch way above their weight,

Although one of the smaller companies in this sea of big Web Design Companies Manchester, their work ethic and dedicated customer support and comparatively affordable rates makes them a good enough choice for a small business, individual or startup trying to make a big splash on the Internet!

Go Up

Location: London

If you are the type of customer who wants to have a talk, get to meet the people behind the product and go in with a very planned out approach Go Up is the perfect web design company for you. Located in London, they might have had just a hint of the old sedate British era left in the way they work mixed in with a dash of modern technology and a very thorough understanding of how the modern Internet functions.

Excelling in web design, online event planning, as well as content marketing, Go Up is a one stop shop that has previously served the likes of Snapdragon, the London Wine Cellar and the CBI to name a few.


Location: Manchester

And finally rounding off the list we have Sizzle from Manchester. One of the oldest Web Design Company Manchester, Sizzle offers a comprehensive web package that takes care of everything from SEO to web design and building and coding the website. They have a wide product portfolio and can be trusted to handle any web design workload from CMS to eCommerce and beyond.

Finishing Thoughts

While we have spoken of quite a wide variety of studios from both Manchester as well as London there are a few key takeaways here. While London studios may have more big name clients and experience to their name, studios in Manchester are brimming with talented people like we have seen in the likes of Red Fern web designing company.

If you have a bottomless purse you might want to go to London, but for responsive, seo friendly websites that are built to work on affordable budgets, Web Design Manchester is the way to go.