Logojoy – Intelligent Online Logo Maker


The logo is an essential part of a business representation. If you have a business then you surely require a logo that represents your company. Designing a logo that purely signifies your business is a tough task. If you have to get to design your logo, you should know that it requires creativity, design ethics, knowledge of colors, training and lots of experience. In order to get this done, you may require a logo designer or a design company to get the best logo.

In this landscape emerges Logojoy. It takes away all the effort and time that you have to put into designing your logo and, with the inherent power of Artificial Intelligence coupled with machine learning, and the result is phenomenal. It is a next-level online logo maker.

Logojoy was created by developer and designer Dawson Whitfield. The major notion, which was the basis of this tool, was when Dawson realized that every business required a high-quality logo, but the cost involved with making a logo is exorbitantly high and it takes a lot of back and forth with a designer. This problem was widespread among many companies, especially startups, which have limited resources and canít invest a lot in logo designing. Keeping this in mind, he built Logojoy as an online logo maker.

Logojoy is an online logo design tool which provides the capacity to anyone who wishes to have an appealing logo. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, along with complex machine learning algorithms, it offers with few logo design options to the user. It is quite an easy to use tool, which is also fun to play with. It provides a feeling of collaborating with a designer while providing the user with capabilities of a graphic editing tool. This tool also provides a great user experience and makes sure that best results are delivered. It has been used by over 2,000,000 users to design perfect logo. As per Dawson, the future of Logojoy is bright as more and more people are using this tool to design logos in a quick and fun way.


Logojoy utilizes a smart matching algorithm to create alluring logo design options. In order to generate high-quality logos, the process followed is described below.

1. Inspiration –Just choose the inspiration which will be the basis of your new logo with your chosen color options. Logojoy will then create the logos based on your selections. Now, put in the name of your company or business in the next step.

first step

2. After the first step, Logojoy will provide you hundreds of options and ideas. You can browse the options and choose your favorite one. Logojoy will then generate many options for the user to select from.

3. Once the user has selected the logo, you can then view mockups of your logo. With changes and updates made by you, you can see the previews of the changes.

Web Seasoning4. Now you can go through various colors, fonts, symbols, layouts, designs and many more. It has the highest quality logo components, which produces best logos. It has over 5500 premium symbols, 6 layouts, 474 premium fonts and 550000 premium symbols.

5. Get all the files that you require. You get vector files, JPG and PNG files including transparent background and many more. All these can be used for online, print or any place required, including banners and icons for social feeds, like Twitter and Facebook.


This online logo maker is free for creating unlimited amount of logos. In order to download the files of the logo designs you want, you have to pay for that.

  1. It has a premium package of $65 in which includes full copyright ownership, print-ready files, and lots more.
  2. It also has a basic plan, which costs at $20,where you can get a low resolution logo with a white background.
  3. You can also choose an Enterprise plan which costs at $165 in which you are provided with all the services which are offered in the premium package along with one-hour design session with their expert designers.


Logojoy comes with a lot of support options. There is online chat, email, phone and social. Youíll always have someone who can help you if you get stuck or want to ask a question. These support options provide the flexibility to get in touch with the design team and as well as customer care.


Logojoy is here to revolutionize the process with which we design the logo. It will certainly change the standard process of logo designing, which is time consuming, complex and costly. Logojoy makes the process of designing of great quality logo a simple and time-efficient process with lots of options provided to the user. The user just has to pick up inspiration from places like their Inspiration Gallery and Logojoy provides a great list of logos to the user to choose from. It comes with wide range of features like color customization, font selections, live previews, and creating hundreds of logo designs before selecting the one you require.

It also provides a lot of choices from different colors, fonts, and layouts to help you find the logo you love. All the files can be downloaded by paying a nominal fee. You also get the ability to share the logo design with others in order to get their suggestions and feedback.

Logojoy is a great online logo maker and it is a great way to deal with the process of logo designing. It makes the life of anyone, from companies to entrepreneurs, easy. They can now get a high-quality logo within minutes at a significantly lower cost with simplicity and ease. With the usage of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Logojoy is the leader of intelligent automated design. So, if you are looking to create a logo for your business, then you should definitely try it. Why not enjoy the logo making process, instead of going through a lot of headache and investing lots of money for something you might not even like?