7 Major Features You Need To Know About In Latest WordPress 3.1 Version

WordPress – most used blogging platform yesterday got its new version WordPress 3.1 called “Reinhardt” which is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. It was earlier set to released by the end of 2010, but several bugs and fixes pushed that date back.Now, it is released to public and you can download it from here or update it via your WordPress Dashboard update panel.

WordPress 3.1 brings a list of new and updated features to both users and developers. Well, if you look after updating, it is same as its previous version in terms of looks. But, few tweaks and changes has been made to give your WordPress dashboard a cleaner look which was much needed though the design is same as the previous version.

There is a welcome feature which I liked the post is new Post formats support that allows you to customize the way a post is presented on the web. It means you can create portable tumblelogs posts with different styling for different posts. There are few other noticeable features in WordPress 3.1 which we gonna discuss in this article.

If you have updated or thinking of updating your recent version of WordPress, have a look on 7 majorfeatures you need to know about in latest WordPress 3.1 version. Don’t forget to tell your favorite feature after updating to new WordPress version in the comments section below.


1) Post Formats Supports : I love this new feature the most in latest version of WordPress 3.1. This new feature help you in styling a specific post. Now you can show off your different posts in different styling like videos, links, images, audio, statuses etc. This feature will give you chance to give your WordPress blog a Tumblr- like look. Now, this feature is on the floor, theme author has to add few lines of code to their templates and stylesheets. For more information on Post Format and how to use this feature, you can refer to an article written by Lisa Sabin Wilson.

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2) Internal Linking : WordPress 3.1 brings one new feature that will make bloggers life easy. This feature will allow you to link to your previous articles a lot more easier than before. Previously, you had to open a new tab in the browser and find the relevant article to add it. But now, just click on the link button in the writing panel and enter any word or phrase to find the relevant content you want to give link back to. All entries related to your search will show and clicking on any article will fill the link field that URL.

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3) WordPress Admin Bar : WordPress.com users might know this feature already because it appears on all WordPress.com hosted sites when you are logged into account. The same feature is now available in this version of WordPress that will give you an easy access to your profile, dashboard, post panel, comments etc.

wordpress featuresPersonally, I don’t like this feature but this is surely be helpful for administrator of multi-site installs. If you don’t like to put the admin bar on top of your blog, just go on your personal profile section and disable it.

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4) WordPress Post Pagination : Seriously, WordPress posts paginations was not that tedious the way it had to be. But, it seems that WordPress has done some work on this issue and now you can simply enter the number of page you want to look.

wordpress features5) New Blue Theme : A new blue -colored theme is surely a welcome step by the WordPress developers and I am quite liking it. You can also change your theme in the personal profile section.

wordpress features6) Sleek Writing Panel UI : Not a big change though but you can see a better writing panel with less options most of the bloggers ever use like TDA Mini Forms, Post Excerpts etc. A lot of fields has been removed by default thus making writing panel much cleaner than before. You can still those fields by clicking on “Screen Options” on top right hand corner of the WordPress Dashboard.

wordpress features7) New Super Admin Network Dashboard : A new super admin dashboard has been introduced for network admins having own menus, pages etc. You can check more details about this new admin panel here.

These are the major features that is introduced in WordPress to make your blogging experience more happier and easy than ever before. I would certainly say thanks to the WordPress core developers and everyone who has contributed to bring out this amazing release of WordPress. To know the full list of WordPress 3.1 features and changes, click the link here.

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