How to make a transparent logo

transparent logo

Modern logos have a number of features that make them attractive and unique. The logo performs many tasks and that is why it is an important part of any brand, on which its further development and popularity depend. There are many modern trends used in the development of logos, one of which is the transparency of the logo. Today, you can make a logo in many different ways, one of which is to create a logo with the help of the Turbologo designer.

The logo is the face of any brand. It is made in the form of a graphic image (symbol, text, etc.), placed on the company’s products to increase brand awareness and its products. The logo guarantees customers the quality of the purchased products, as well as protects them from acquiring fakes.

At the same time, the logo actively advertises and protects the brand. It becomes part of advertising companies and is placed not only on brand products, but also on various resources on the Internet, business cards, as well as on social networks, which allows you to increase brand awareness. By placing it on the goods being sold, it also protects the brand’s reputation, since buyers of products will be sure that they are buying a quality product.

How to make a transparent logo

Today there are 3 main ways to create a logo, namely:

– Create a logo yourself,

– Logo creation by professional studios or freelance designers,

– Logo creation using logo designers.

All of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. In order to create a logo, it is initially necessary to study the current trends and advantages of each type of logo.

Transparent logos or logos on a transparent background are used mainly on the websites of companies or their pages on social networks. One of the main advantages of this type of logo is versatility.

It can be adjusted to absolutely any design. It can also be used against the background of its products in various online stores, which will not allow copying images, and in cases of copying, the brand will be placed directly on other sites, which will additionally advertise the brand.

This type of logo can be placed on almost any surface, even if there is practically no free space on it, since a transparent logo can be placed anywhere.

Create a logo yourself

You can create any logo yourself, but this will require certain skills and programs. You also need to come up with the idea of a logo yourself, study modern trends, and also spend a lot of time creating the perfect logo.

The logo, which was created independently, will exactly meet all the necessary requirements of the customer. It will also save some of the funds that are very necessary at the initial stage of business development. However, this process can take a long time, which will not allow advertising the brand at the initial stages of development.

Logo creation by professional studios or freelance designers

This method of creation is the most expensive, while there is no guarantee that the logo will be developed quickly enough and will meet all the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Several people will work on the creation of the logo, while initially several logo projects will be presented at once (if there is no initial idea or logo variant), after which the most successful option will be selected, which will be further refined.

The cost of creating a logo can constantly grow, as it will be regularly refined until it meets all the requirements of the customer. At the same time, options are not excluded when the terms of logo creation will be further increased.

Logo creation using logo designers

Recently, one of the most popular methods of creating logos, as it does not require special skills, and also allows you to quickly create a logo that will meet all requirements.

There are a large number of different logo designers (one of the best is Turbologo) where you can create a logo absolutely for free. At the same time, their work is based on AI, which allows them to regularly develop the best and unique logos. The number of actual images is regularly updated and that is why even after a certain time there will be no problems when creating or rebranding a logo.

At the same time, with the help of logo designers, you can create absolutely any logo that will correspond to current trends, and will also differ favorably from the logos of competitors, which will increase sales and the final profit of the company.


The logo should have both a small and a large company that supplies its products (does business) in various markets. Today, you can create a transparent logo in various ways, while you can save both time and money on creating it. The created logo should differ from the logos of competitors, as well as be unique and memorable in order to attract the attention of consumers, thereby increasing the popularity and brand awareness, as well as the final profit of the company.