How To Choose The Right Business Website Designer

Website Designer

Hiring the right web designer can be tricky. There are countless web designers available out there. From small startups to award-winning agencies, there’s an endless list of options to consider. A simple online search throws up millions of results. And this can be extremely confusing. How will you know if an agency is a right option for you? Here are the top tips to help you make the right selection.

Business Needs

Determine your website requirements. Carefully assess your business needs. Decide if you’re going to build a dynamic e-commerce site. Do some competitor benchmarking to derive inspiration. This will help you build a powerful website and achieve better results. Choose the experienced website designers at jeremymcgilvrey.com who can address your needs.


Before looking for a web designer, be sure to review your finances. Establish a realistic budget first. When it comes to pricing, there are quite a several options to consider. Web designing is a highly dynamic field. As such, most designers won’t publish their prices. To find an affordable deal, you’ll need to approach them tactically.

If you get a very high price, scale back to obtain a more realistic price point. Learn to manage your expectations.


Take a close look at the designer’s portfolio. Check out for ideas that you like. Find out which brands were featured. Browse through the previous client’s website. Is it close to what you need?

An experienced web designer will create a site that’s customized to suit your brand requirements. Find out how the agency’s designs have improved other clients’ businesses.  If it was able to decrease bounce rates and improve conversion rates, then it’ll also do the same for you.


Look for online reviews. Consult your friends and other previous clients to get a glimpse of the designer’s work. Consult independent review sites and research the designer’s names to check if they’re legit. You may also want to consider browsing through their social media channels for comments.


Ask for referrals. Your friends and family members might have hired a web designer in the past. Their suggestions may help you find a reliable designer with a proven track record. You may also want to do your research to find a designer you can work with.

Key Takeaway

If you get any recommendations from your friends, contact them right away. You can either give them a phone call or send them an email. Ask them about their services and how much they charge. If you feel comfortable after your initial conversation, follow up through a video call to discuss your business needs in detail.

Choose a designer who’s both experienced and reliable. Make sure they have the necessary skills to help you build a highly interactive website.

The Bottom-Line

A website is a great resource. It can completely transform your business. It’s an excellent platform to engage new users and convert them into loyal customers. So, be sure to hire an experienced web designer who’ll develop a unique website for you. Above are the top qualities to look for in a web designer.